Spray booth

The implementation of a product (product) in many respects depends on its appearance. The finish coating not only gives the product an attractive appearance, but also protects it from adverse external influences (rust, burnout, mechanical damage). The optimal conditions for applying and subsequent drying of paintwork on a variety of surfaces are created by the spray booth , which includes a whole range of diverse equipment. Techservice WEKO developed and produced devices designed for partial or full coloring of products or their parts. Particular attention is paid to the efficient use of energy in work processes, making the complex as economical as possible. The safety of work in our cells is fully consistent with European standards of labor protection. Therefore, we recommend that you buy a Techservice WEKO spray booth.

Buy a spray booth complex

The use of modern technologies in production allowed our equipment:

  • reduce energy consumption in the drying mode, which is the most energy intensive;
  • achieve a small variation in temperature values by constant recirculation of air masses;
  • increase the drying speed of the paintwork.

The level of purification of exhaust air, which contains a lot of harmful chemicals, is also very important. High concentrations can cause fire or explosion. For production needs such a spray booth is required whose cost takes into account all possible risks. Regardless of the material of the product, the complex can work in several modes:

  1. Staining – the optimal temperature and air exchange rate for different products and paintwork are set;
  2. Purge – follows after staining. It is necessary for the complete removal of residues of vapor of the paintwork;
  3. Drying – increasing the temperature of the air masses passing inside the chamber (up to 110 degrees);
  4. Cooling – starts after drying and performs a complete air change in the chamber several times.

Of course, the final price depends on the capacity of the complex and its performance.

How much does the “TWEKO” spray booth cost

Since our company uses domestic materials and developments to create its projects, the cost of the complex is quite competitive. Equipment manufactured in our workshops virtually eliminates the occurrence of various defects on the surface of the products. The quality of the applied coating is such that there is no need for grinding, which means that the protective coating is completely preserved. The answer to the question: “How much does the spray booth cost?” depends on the features of the process at your enterprise. You must admit that it is much more convenient and profitable to select equipment taking into account the individual characteristics of the work than to adapt the device to the conditions in which it will lose effectiveness.

Dial the number indicated on the website and get comprehensive advice from the Techservice WEKO specialists. We will select the best option for the complex and help in the arrangement of the premises. Call me!