Shot blasting chamber

In the production of metal products and parts, a high-quality cleaning of their surface from various kinds of contaminants plays an important role. Previously, in order to clean the parts, it took a lot of effort and electricity. At present, for these purposes, a shot blasting chamber has been developed, repeatedly and successfully tested. The unit is designed specifically for high-speed and high-quality cleaning of various types of metal structures from residues of scale, paint, rust. Sand or beads are applied under high pressure to the surface to be cleaned and remove contaminants. The device is perfect for cleaning metal parts and products of different sizes and shapes. In addition, the use of such a system in production can improve its energy efficiency.


Shot Blasting Chamber – How to choose the right one

When choosing the optimal set of equipment, you need to know exactly which device will best meet the goals of your production. Cameras can operate without operator participation (uninhabited camera) and under human control (inhabited). Our company manufactures three types of cleaning chambers:

  1. abrasive blasting (pressure or injection). The abrasive is supplied in one nozzle with air (in pressure) or in different nozzles (in injection);
  2. shot blasting chamber. Air acts as a drive for feeding shot, but does not participate in cleaning. The performance of the device is very high, but it is quite expensive and suitable for cleaning similar products;
  3. habitable – a human operator is directly involved in the cleaning process. Such devices must be fully equipped with appropriate security systems. These chambers are most often used for cleaning large items.

What the shot blasting chamber consists of, the price of the device


Most often, the cleaning chamber consists of the following elements:

  • cabins (necessary for the operator, protected from ricochets, can be insulated or without insulation);
  • dust removal and ventilation systems;
  • systems for collecting abrasive material (can be automatic or manual);

Our company strives to ensure that the cycle of using abrasive substances was closed. That is, so that the collected shot can be used again after cleaning. An effective shot blasting chamber must be equipped with systems for moving the product to be cleaned inside the chamber. Shot collection can be carried out with an industrial vacuum pump (manually) or using a special floor device:

  • scraper (construction that independently advances the shot to the separator)
  • facet (special hoppers, covered with gratings, direct the shot to the conveyor and separator).

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