Painting camera for cars

From the hour of his winemaker, the car has become part of our everyday life. Useful traffic of motor vehicles on the wiklik tracksє road and transport fit, if you need a car, please wait for the need for farbuvannya. Popadannya found pilinok on svіzhopofarbovane auto repair and repair hostility. Shchob uniquely identify the inadmissibilities of the Bula vinaydena farbuvalnaya camera for cars. On Christmas Day, there is a construction of such annexes. In general, farbuvalny complexes are similar. Vidnimnosti is less in rozmіra, necessity and kіlkostі termoventіlyatsіonnyh systems. All aggregates will be sealed tight, so that they can turn around the spongy parts on the barbed surface. Robotic temperature range of drying can be between 30-70 degrees.

Car paint cameras – size matters

Before painting the product (auto parts) it is necessary to clean them in a shot blasting machine. It is necessary to specify that in painting chambers the car passes a complete cycle of painting and drying taking into account all requirements to:

  • air filtration;
  • temperature regime;
  • ventilation.

The work is carried out with complete isolation of the machine, which ensures high quality. Although the designation of the basic elements and components of the structures of the paint complexes is the same, the paint cameras for cars are different from the cameras for minibuses, and those, in turn, for the cameras for painting trucks and buses. In addition to the size and power of thermo-ventilation systems, the devices are distinguished by the presence of doors for staff and gates for appliances. The bus and truck painting unit is additionally equipped with a power control panel for each thermo-ventilation cabinet and a common control system.

How reliable is the coloring chamber for cars which price is lower

The rapid development of design and engineering solutions makes essentially new paint complexes morally obsolete. Many products are stored almost completely, but they are no longer suitable for industrial production. In this case, the companies that bought the equipment in our company ask us to sell the old devices. For private workshops, such a painting camera for used cars, the price of the complex is lower, it will be a profitable purchase. Experts of the company “Techservice Veko” carry out a complete audit of the unit, clean it, lubricate, repair and upgrade if necessary. Our employees have more than 10 years of similar work experience, which allows them to notice the smallest problems. Thus, you buy a fully-fledged camera at an attractive price.

Current models of painting cameras for cars:




You can get more information about the training posts, availability and our production capabilities by calling the sales manager. Modern high-performance industrial equipment from the manufacturer “Techservice WEKO”. Call!

Completed projects of painting cameras for cars:

  • Car painting camera – MPM Motors
  • Painting and drying chamber for trucks – Bosch BC service
  • Painting Camera for Cars – Eisenstadt
  • Budget painting camera for auto – TSOSD MO and GSh ZSU
  • Painting camera for cars – Car service-115
  • The painting chamber with the top arrangement of units – Semenyuk
  • Painting Camera for Auto – Capital
  • Painting and drying camera for cars – Auto business