Drying cars after washing

Non-contact drying of cars after washing is designed to quickly remove residual water from the surface of cars, trucks or passenger cars. Water is removed due to the powerful, directed stream of clean air. Non-contact drying of cars is a metal U-shaped frame made in the form of air ducts made of galvanized steel. In the lower part of the frame, on a vibration-damping frame, powerful centrifugal fans made of galvanized steel are installed. Fans provide air injection into the U-shaped frame, from where it through the guides blows around the surface of the car.

Air drying car

Drying the machine after washing can be equipped with air heating, heating can be performed using a heat exchanger made of heat-resistant steel with a liquid-fuel burner, or an electric heat exchanger with a ceramic-metal TPEN.

The drying configuration of the car after washing can be changed depending on the type of cars that are planned to be dried.