Repair of car lifts

The constantly increasing number of cars on the roads of our country leads to the expansion of existing car service stations and the emergence of new ones. The quality of station services and the number of repaired machines are directly dependent on the lifts used. You can buy new models, or you can arrange for the repair of car lifts, which for various reasons have failed. It is very important to notice a malfunction in time and contact specialists, because working on damaged devices is strictly prohibited! A repaired machine can break, which can lead to serious troubles. The specialists of Techservice VEKO have successful experience in repairing lifting equipment for more than 10 years.

Repair of lifts efficiently and quickly

The most common in domestic auto services are electromechanical and hydraulic units. Rich experience and constant practice allowed our specialists to study their weak points well. Most often, one has to deal with thread wear on the nuts of lifting devices of various designs. This is because a softer metal is selected for the nut. Repair of lifts in this case consists in the manufacture of a new fastener on a lathe. In this case, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the necessary technological processes. After replacing the new nut, regularly lubricate it and monitor its condition. Do not wait for critical wear of fasteners – seek help in a timely manner! Also, our specialists will be able to repair other components of electromechanical lifting units.

Repair of hydraulic lifts in Techservice WEKO

Hydraulics are easier to maintain. Therefore, such equipment is widely used in many car services. The specialists of our company can be performed:

  • replacement of a synchronization cable;
  • hose replacement;
  • Change of oil;
  • replacement of cuffs of cylinders;
  • any other repair of hydraulic lifts.

For more efficient and long-term operation, lifting equipment must be installed in a correctly selected location. Experienced specialists of our company will help you to properly install repaired devices or remove damaged ones.

Need a lift repair with a warranty? Call us (phone at the top of the site) and get a 1 year warranty on overhaul of lifting equipment. Orders from any settlements of Ukraine are accepted. Call me!