Painter lift

The specialists of our company in 2011 for the first time developed and manufactured a lifting and mobile platform for the painter in the painting chamber, it is also called the painter’s lift, the painter’s cradle in the painting chamber. As our experience shows, the use of a painter’s lifting platform in painting or shot blasting increases the productivity of staff, and the speed of surface treatment increases by 30-40% compared to the speed when using stairs or scaffolding. Thanks to what for 1,5-2 years of use they pay off with interest! The first copy of the painter’s platform was designed specifically for the painting chamber. Ukrspetsvagon is a company engaged in the production of freight cars. Initially, we developed and manufactured the equipment of three painting chambers for the painting department of Ukrspetsvagon. After the installation of the first of them, it was decided to equip it with painter’s elevators. At that time, our arsenal had a staff of competent designers, extensive experience in developing, creating and repairing car lifts, a great desire to master the production of elevators painter in the painting chamber and access via the Internet to a small amount of technical information about foreign counterparts. Gathering our thoughts, we decided to try to create an elevator painter yourself. The result was a pretty good lift in the painting chamber, the only drawback is that the lower position of the basket was at 500 mm from the floor, but in the following models it has already been corrected by 300 mm. In the future, we equipped the second camera “Ukrspetsvagon” with painter’s platforms, and then the painting chamber at the plant “Electrontrans” in Lviv.

Lifting and mobile painter’s platform (painter’s lift)

This is a set of equipment designed to move the operator in the painting or shot blasting chamber along the product in order to optimize the cleaning or painting process. The painter’s elevator replaces all kinds of stairs and scaffolding, thus creating a safe and comfortable work area, speeding up the process of cleaning or painting several times.

The platform consists of a frame which moves along a wall on two guides fixed on a floor. The platform is driven by a pneumatic motor along the wall. On the frame of the platform there is a carriage which provides movement of a basket for the painter in the vertical direction by means of pneumatic cylinders and the block of cables. The speed of raising / lowering of the carriage with a basket is regulated by the pneumatic throttles located at entrance openings of cavities of the cylinder. On the carriage of the platform there are telescopic guides, along which the rollers of the basket move, providing horizontal movement from the wall to the product and back. The basket is driven as well as the carriage by means of the pneumatic cylinder.

We develop the painter’s lift individually

For each Customer, taking into account the characteristics of the painting or shot blasting chamber in which it will be located, the characteristics of the processed products and the features of the technological process. Variable parameters can be:

  • the length of the lift from the wall and along the wall;
  • working height of rise;
  • overall dimensions of the basket;
  • maximum payload, and others.

The painter’s elevator consumes no more than 350 l / min of compressed air at constant use. And the working pressure of compressed air for the platform is 6-8 atmospheres.

The painter’s lift will become an integral part and a reliable companion of your painting department for years. Don’t skimp on buying painter’s lifts!