Lift for boats, yachts, jet skis

Yacht Lift

The convenience of using various types of water transport of small and medium size is obvious: travel, fishing, recreation and much more. Features of the operation of ships are such that in winter for their storage requires special facilities – boathouses. Unfortunately, not all boathouses are located in close proximity to water, sometimes transportation is necessary. The yacht lift is able to protect the ship from damage and carefully move it to the parking lot. In our country, many models of hoisting mechanisms are used, the above-ground structures of which have an unattractive appearance. The designers of Techservice WEKO developed devices that are almost completely integrated into the pier line. The mechanism is silent and invisible, control is carried out remotely from a yacht or from the ground.

Boat lift

Any lifting mechanism of this kind consists of iron rails and a metal platform (aluminum, stainless steel, ordinary metal with protective paintwork). Actuators – pulley blocks and hydraulic cylinders. The electro-hydraulic drive is powered by a pump and commands from the control panel. The technical specifications that your boat, yacht or boat lift will have are individually calculated by our engineers. The undoubted advantages of the devices:

  • reduction in costs and time for maintenance;
  • the safety of the ship in the winter;
  • minimizing the impact on the vessel of negative natural factors;
  • convenience and comfort during boarding and disembarkation from a boat, yacht;
  • Damage during storms not only to the boat, but also to the pier.

A high-quality ship elevator allows you to store the boat even without a boathouse.

Boat lift

The Techservice WEKO company designs and manufactures lifting devices that are very easy to operate and maintain. After a short consultation, even a person far from technical terms can use the device. Long-term and safe operation is guaranteed by: the absence of welds, the manufacture of all parts in the factory, a high class of protection for electrical equipment. In addition, your boat lift is very aesthetic because you can choose any material to cover the platform. We are ready to start developing and manufacturing the hoist design of any configuration with full compliance with your requirements.