Lifting mechanisms

The variety of tasks facing the domestic industry leads to the appearance of lifting devices of various designs. The purpose of such a device is to vertically raise the product, fix it in the raised position for the right time, lower it at a predetermined point. The main difference that different lifting mechanisms have is that the product is of what weight and to what height they can lift. In addition, like any other mechanism, the lift can be standard or assembled according to individual calculations. The Techservice WEKO company is deservedly proud of the wide experience of its specialists in the manufacture and manufacture of lifting equipment. We have been developing such equipment since 1998. In addition to car lifts, we launched the manufacture of mechanisms for raising small and medium sea and river vessels (boats, boats, yachts), and mobile platforms for spray booth personnel.

Lifting mechanisms – what makes up the price

The Techservice WEKO company experts consider development and implementation of non-standard lifting devices to be their main task. Particular attention is paid to the smooth start-up and shutdown of the mechanisms, since the dynamic loads on the units of the unit at this moment are very high. Our experts are extremely attentive when selecting material for all components of the device. We design and manufacture lifting mechanisms whose price is fully justified. For the needs of water transport, the mechanism can be built into the pier or located on stilts. Industrialists will be in demand of mobile lifting platforms for work in spray booths and shot blasting booths, as well as for the preparation site for painting. The use of such devices can significantly improve the quality of the work of the painting section of your enterprise, since the operator will be more mobile.

To buy lifting mechanisms from Tweko with a guarantee

For individuals and enterprises operating water transport, the need for lifting devices is high. Such units are capable of:

  • several times increase the service life of each unit of water equipment. Prolonged contact with water leads to darkening of the body, its fouling with algae and other negative phenomena;
  • significantly save the owner’s funds for the storage of the yacht (boat, boat) and its maintenance. It is much more profitable to immediately buy suitable lifting mechanisms immediately after acquiring a vessel.

Services of a domestic manufacturer are in demand because there are no problems with maintenance and repair. Our experts assist in the selection and installation of any lift on-site. If necessary, we repair or replace components, and the necessary parts are always available. The main activity of Techservice WEKO is the manufacture of unique non-standard lifting equipment.

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