Furniture spray booth

It is very important for numerous factories and furniture workshops to follow the design decisions exactly. According to the requirements of modern fashion, furniture can have an unusual, fantastic appearance and color. And the quality of coloring every detail of the dresser or other items long be very high and perform quickly. A painting camera for furniture is the best solution in this case. In order to use color to predict these operations, it is necessary to clean the units in the shot blasting chamber.

Techservice WECO manufactures various types of painting devices for different and specific needs. They are labeled by the manufacturer, require a finish coat, the type of PFM you plan to use. The size of the cameras is small, the power of the installed equipment is also not too high. No mistake will take into account that the unit is simple. On the contrary – the work is arranged in a reasonable way: the smaller the samples, the more carefully the coating is applied.

Stages of development that offered improved furniture cameras

If your furniture shop is still small and painting is rare, it makes sense to buy and install a regular hood. It can be equipped with a hydro screen (water curtain) or a dry filtration unit. Of course, this device does not have inflow ventilation and a sealed cabin, which leaves the possibility of dust particles to get on the painted surface. It is possible to complete the area supplied by a ventilation cabinet for air intake. The result will be a coloring post. Despite the reasonable cost of the post, dyeing cameras for furniture are more profitable. They are completely sealed – even the smallest dust particles are completely trapped. The walls of the cabin insulated with special material allow to raise the temperature in it to the required parameters. On average, the temperature ranges from 20 to 70 degrees, but in special cases can rise to 250-300. Such devices are more in demand in large factories where you want to combine the quality of the coating and the speed of manufacture.

Furniture dyeing chamber is an economical and highly efficient device

The next step in the evolution of the painting areas was the integration of dyeing and drying processes into a single complex. This step significantly accelerated the coating process and optimized energy consumption. There is a division of the complex into dyeing and drying without wasting time and electricity into reprogramming. The furniture dyeing chamber consumes a pre-calculated amount of electricity without the jumps that occur when switching from one mode to another. In addition, there is no need to stop workflows while waiting for the device to enter the specified mode. At large volumes of painting in a painting area there can be several complexes tuned to different types of PFL. Specialists of our enterprise will carry out installation of devices and adjustment of useful properties.

You can get acquainted with the variety of painting cameras manufactured by Techservice WECO by calling the phone number above. Are you looking for economical and efficient equipment? WEKO staff will assemble a set of equipment specifically for you! Call us!

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