General Product Catalog for the Painting Area

Techservice WEKO (TWEKO) specializes in the development of technological processes of the painting area. We manufacture and implement high-tech and energy-efficient equipment:

  • spray booths & painting chamber;
  • abrasive blast chambers;
  • specialized material handling equipment.

Advantages of our products

Productivity — TWEKO painting and drying chambers, abrasive blast chambers and paint preparation stations will help to increase the efficiency of the painting area, improve the processes of painting, drying, preparation and post-processing of products.

Accuracy — We manufacture products based on accurate engineering calculations, taking into account all the technological features of production, in the customer’s industry.

Security — TWEKO products comply with European safety standards and state labor protection standards.

Innovation — We introduce modern technological developments, use components of international production leaders.

Energy efficiency — TWEKO products use unique technological solutions for heating air, with high wear-resistant qualities and low energy consumption (saving up to 50%, compared to conventional TENs)

Spray booths & Painting chamber

The painting and drying chamber is a synchronized complex of equipment that increases the quality of painting products, reduces the time of application and drying of the paintwork. The cameras provide a constant uniform flow of purified and heated air. In the process of painting, dust and polluting particles are effectively captured using a filter system and special filter-ventilation units (FVU). Stable pressure and uniform air flow is achieved thanks to a special system of supply and exhaust ventilation. The painting and drying chamber is designed for a full cycle of work on applying paint and varnish material on the surface of products and drying, in compliance with all the subtleties of painting and drying technologies.

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Abrasive blast chambers

The abrasive blasting chamber (KASO) is a complex of equipment that is designed to increase the safety of working conditions when performing cleaning work using the abrasive blasting method. Increases the efficiency and speed of cleaning the surface of various products from rust, scale, paint and dirt. In KASO various types of abrasive materials are used: steel or cast iron chipped, or rolled shot; electrocorundum; carbides of boron, potassium, silicon; glass or ceramic balls, etc. ... The camera is equipped with a fully automatic system for collecting and regenerating abrasive materials, as well as a ventilation and dust removal system, due to which the cleaning process is as efficient as possible.

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Integrated Solutions

We carry out complex tasks to increase the efficiency of painting products and provide complete turnkey solutions . We draw up the terms of reference, taking into account the departure to the customer’s site, for measuring the working space and determining the main indicators of the performance of the painting area. Based on accurate engineering data, we develop an individual coating technology: product transportation, cleaning ( shot blasting / shot blasting / degreasing / washing ), preparation for coating, coating, drying and polymerization. Successful experience in design work helps to quickly coordinate individual designs with government bodies and obtain the necessary permits ( construction work, develop an individual technological process for painting work, develop, manufacture and integrate specialized equipment into existing production lines or production facilities ).

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Optional equipment

Automatic fire extinguishing systems, activated carbon air filtration units, dust removal filter ventilation systems, rotary tables, racks, stands, paint spraying equipment, shot blasting apparatus, personal protective equipment, frequency converters, lamps.

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Material Handling Equipment

Hoisting-and-transport equipment (PTO) is a device that is designed to move products and people in the vertical and horizontal planes. Specialized VET is made for the painting area, which is used in paint and shot blasting chambers, shot blasting plants, washing, drying, ventilation chambers, etc. The equipment is designed for use in explosive atmospheres and aggressive operating conditions. VET is made to order. We develop and manufacture overhead conveyors, roller conveyors, tilters, rail transport trolleys, mobile platforms, elevators, elevators that are built-in and synchronized in the process of painting products, and significantly increase the efficiency of the painting area.

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