Производство покрасочных камер


The modern buyer makes very high demands on the quality of the paintwork applied to the product. Different types of materials and coatings, in addition to their attractiveness, should reliably protect a part or product from rust, mechanical damage, and dust. The manufacturer faces a rather difficult task to ensure the availability of such coverage on their products. The Techservice WEKO company considers the production of spray booths as the main goal of its activity. Our designers successfully work in two directions:

1. Creation of small mini-cameras designed for periodic coloring and mobile devices;
2. Assembly of industrial complexes capable of simultaneously operating in several modes with high throughput.

At the same time, we manufacture non-standard equipment with unique characteristics for the needs of a particular production.

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The variety of products we offer allows you to choose the best equipment for your goals. Mini-chamber is perfect for painting small parts, mobile installations will pay off in a small room, industrial complexes will ensure the smooth operation of a large enterprise. Regardless of the size of the device, the production of TWEKO spray booths is highly efficient and economical.

Of course, the industrial painting complex is quite energy-intensive equipment, but our engineers managed to reduce electricity consumption by 40%. The development was carried out jointly with Ukrainian scientists and led to the appearance of a vortex type heat exchanger. In addition, various types of preparatory posts have been designed, which are necessary to improve the quality of staining. The operation of the complex (or camera) can take place automatically or under partial control of the operator.


The real goals and objectives that grow in the way of manufacturers of various products often differ from standard ones. Equipment designed for specific conditions can be inefficient and too cumbersome. It is necessary to know exactly the features of technological processes and processed products, as well as the area of the room (workshop or site). Our experts begin the manufacture of spray booths with the clarification of all these points. That is why the chambers developed and installed by us run smoothly for a long time. Attention to detail, quality materials, and the involvement of domestic scientific organizations make our units popular among leading Ukrainian industrialists. The rapid development of our production leads to the latest design solutions and the creation of innovative equipment.

It is easy to get to known with the designs of Techservice WEKO creators and choose the best option for the spray booth by making a call on the phone above. Join our partners!