Yacht elevator and ship platform YpP series

Platforms are made according to individual requirements. On request, it can be equipped with rotational, manual or mechanical fasteners, and the lifting part - of various shapes, for the most advanced types of small boats.

Product type: yacht lift
Max weight: 4t and 7t
Application: for yachts and small boat

Yacht elevator and ship platform YpP series is a specialized type of material handling equipment that creates ideal conditions for:

  • safe lifting of the ship to land;
  • long-term parking, or winter conservation of the vessel;
  • ship repair and painting;

Complies with international safety standards

In placement category I according to DSTU 15150-69 and DSTU 15543-70.

Technical specifications

for basic configurations

Models YPP4000 YPP7000
Max. carrying capacity 4 t 7 t
Stroke height 300-1300 mm 2300-3000 mm
Lifting speed 110 sec 180-300 sec
Steel ropes 8 pcs
Drive unit
Type of drive Screw Hydraulic
Hydraulic pressure 16 MPa
Platform movement Vertical
Works at temperature From -10 ◦С to +40 ◦С
Degree of protection IP13 DSTU 14254-80
Overall dimensions
assembly (LxWxH) 10500х3155х380 mm 8250х5630х600 mm
Weight 3000 kg 3000 kg