Rail Trolley TrT Series

The TrT series moves products along the track, between the working areas of the painting area. Increases the comfort of paint work. Fast processing of large products.

Product type: Paint trolley
Max. load: 20 000 kg
Application: Painting Chambers
Cleaning Chambers
Painting Area

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The rail carriage rail trolley TrT Series is a conveyor for convenient movement of large-sized products, during painting works. On the rail. Equipped with mounts. Increases safety and comfort of paint work. Increases the speed of the painting area.

According to international safety standards

  • Equipped with a built-in hydraulic lift and special mounting systems;
  • Safe clamping of the product, processing from all sides;
  • It is made in intrinsically safe (explosion-proof) execution;
  • The dimensions of the trolley, execution technology and design features of the mounts can be made to order.

Technical specifications

for basic configuration

Model TrT20000
Movement speed 3 m/min
Max. payload ≤20 000 kg
Air pressure in the pneumatic system 7 bar
Stroke along the wall 14 400 mm
Type of drive Air motor + gear
Type of control Electric
Wheel diameter 270 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 9200х2400х350 mm
Weight 3200 kg