The spray booth

The Spray booth is a complex of the equipment intended for fast and high-quality drawing, and further and drying, a protective / decorative paint and varnish covering (LKP) on a surface of various products. It provides a constant and even flow of air heated to a given temperature, cleaned of dust and other particles that can damage the coating.

Product type: Painting cameras
Industry: For car service
For metal structures
For railway cars
For defense equipment
For agricultural machinery

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Spray booth

The spray booth provides a full cycle of work on the application of paints and varnishes to the surface of various products and their subsequent drying, in compliance with the temperature and time regimes set by the operator.


Plants, metal workshops, furniture production, car services

For all primers, paints, enamels and varnishes


The spray booth has an air exchange rate of at least 200 times / hour in painting mode and at least 100 times / hour in drying mode. Due to this, uniform airflow and rapid drying of the painted product is carried out. Also, the camera complies with the European standards for the safety of the operator during painting. Any primers, paints (including water-based), enamels, varnishes and other paints and varnishes can be used in it.

  • Equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Made of non-flammable materials;
  • Explosion-proof design of fans and main elements of the ventilation system;
  • Automatic safety interlock system – excludes the possibility of supplying paint or compressed air to the devices in case of ventilation interruption.

Scope of delivery: Spray booth

A set of 50mm thick wall panels – 1 set;
Entrance gate – 1 piece;
Adjacent gates – 1 piece;
A set of ceiling lamps 4x18W – 8 pcs;
Diesel, gas burner, electric heat exchanger or water heaters – 1 pc;
4-way stainless steel heat exchanger – 1 piece;
Supply centrifugal ventilation unit with electric motor – 1 piece;
Damper for manual regulation of air pressure in the spray booth cabin – 1 piece;
Set of ejection, supply and previous filters – 1 set;
Control panel with automation and control systems – 1 piece;
Pressure gauge for pressure control in the camera cabin – 1 piece;
Ceiling construct with a set of ceiling filter frames – 1 set;
Exhaust ventilation cabinet ACC-2.5 – 2 sets;
Thermoregulator – 1 piece;
Hour meter – 1 piece;


For basic configuration*

SPECIFICATIONS Painting chamber
Internal dimensions of the chamber 5х4х2,6
Air productivity, cubic meters per hour. Up 12’000 м3/h.
Cyclicity of air exchange in the chamber Not less than 200 / h.
Supply air handling unit power 5,5
Exhaust air handling unit power 4
Temperature (set by the operator) 16…24 ºС
Thermal power of burners, diesel (gas), kW 80-160 (60-170)
Thermal power of a water air heater, at 80 / 70C, kW 173
Electricity consumption of the electric heat exchanger 18-54
Entrance gate 2500х2000
Air flow rate in the chamber 0,28
Electricity consumption 10
Lamp LED Т8 1200 х 4 8
*- Characteristics calculated for execution as standard. The performance of the camera is greatly increased when using optional auxiliary nodes. ** – External dimensions of the chamber depend on the type and location of the ventilation unit. *** – The amount of fuel consumed depends on the outside air temperature. In the basic configuration, the air can be heated using an electric heat exchanger / gas or diesel burner (customer’s choice).

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