Spray booths & Painting chamber: AKFS Electro series

The AKFS Electro series embodies modern technological solutions for the workshop of a car service, greatly facilitates the painting and drying of cars or body parts.
Painting and drying chambers of the AKFS Electro series is a set of equipment designed for safe, quick and high-quality application, and further drying of the paintwork on the surface of various products.

Product type: Painting and drying chambers
Series: AKFS Electro
Industries: For car service
Type of installation: on a special foundation
on a flat floor (optional)

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Spray booths & Painting chamber: AKFS Electro series – it is a profitable use of the energy resources of a car service, at the height of international environmental standards.

The air in the working area is heated using: an electric heat exchanger *. The spray booth is installed on a special foundation or level floor (at the customer’s choice).

With the help of a special supply and exhaust ventilation system, a stream of clean heated air is constantly and evenly supplied. In paint-drying chambers of the AKFS Electro series, various primers, paints (including water-based), enamels, varnishes and other paints and varnishes are used.

Painting and drying chamber: AKFS Electro series comply with international safety standards and state labor protection standards:

  • Equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Made of non-combustible materials;
  • Fans and main elements of the ventilation system are explosion-proof;
  • The cameras are equipped with an automatic protective blocking system, which excludes the possibility of supplying paint or compressed air to the spray devices, in case the ventilation stops working.


*- TWEKO electric heat exchanger designed specifically for use in spray booths. It has high efficiency indicators. Economical to use.

Basic equipment

  • Electric heat exchanger;
  • Set of wall panels 50mm thick;
  • Rolling gates;
  • Set of LED ceiling lights 4x18W;
  • Centrifugal ventilation unit, supply, with electric motor;
  • Centrifugal exhaust ventilation unit, with electric motor;
  • Gate device with pneumatic drive;
  • Damper for manual adjustment of air pressure in the chamber cabin;
  • A set of pre-filters, discharge filters and feed;
  • Control panel with automation systems;
  • Pressure measuring instrument in a chamber cabin;
  • Ceiling construct with a set of ceiling filter frames;
  • Set of floor gratings, max load – 800 kg / wheel (if installed on the foundation);
  • Set of frames for emission filters;
  • Temperature controller;
  • Hour meter;
  • Timer to control the drying time;
  • Service doors for staff.

Technical specifications

For basic configuration*





The internal size of the working area (LxWxH) 7х4х2,7 m 8,6х4,5х3 m
Entrance rolling gates (WxH) 3х2,6 m 3х2,9 m
Doors for staff (WxH) 0,7х1,9 m

Power ventilation systems

Exhaust ventilation unit 7,5 kW 11 kW
Sailing ventilation unit 15 kW 18,5 kW
Air productivity 26000 m³/h 31000 m³/h
Air refresh rate ≥340 set/h ≥260 set/h
Air speed 0,25 m/sec


Energy saving lights LED Т8, 1200х4×18 8 pcs 10 pcs

Air temperature in the working area

Painting mode 16-24 °С
Drying mode 20-80 °С


Fireproof Sandwich Panel Thickness 50 мм

Floor grating***

2 rows, maximum load (special foundation) 800 кг/колесо


Power supply 3 фазы/380 В/ 50 Гц
Total electricity consumption 23,1 кВт/ч 30,2 кВт/ч

*- Characteristics designed for execution as standard. Camera performance increases significantly when using optional accessory nodes.

**- The external dimensions of the chamber depend on the type and location of the ventilation unit.

***- subject to the choice of installation type “on a special foundation”.