Ceiling Feed Filter for Spray Booth

Especially for use as ceiling filters of painting cameras we present to your attention a ceiling filter of fine cleaning made by TWE Bocholt (Germany).

Product type: Filter

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Filter materials are made of non-woven 100% polyester fibers, thermally bonded during the production of the fabric, without the addition of glue and resins. Complete impregnation with a dust-binding agent located in the inner part of the web, and not on the surface of the filter element, guarantees excellent dust retention and high work efficiency.

For paintwork, primers, paints, enamel and varnishes

  • High quality cleaning
  • The design of the filters allows you to clean over 95% of the exhaust air;
  • Long running lines;

According to international safety standards

Fire safety class F1 / K1 according to DIN 53438;

The width of the ceiling filter roll is 1000 or 2000 mm and the length is 20000 mm. This filter is released both in rolls and segments, in accordance with the terms of reference.


Cleaning class F5
Weight 570 g/m²
Thickness 21,5 mm
Nominal air velocity 0.25 m³/sec
Initial pressure 35 Pa
Limiting pressure (recommended) 450 Pa
Throughput 900 m³/m²
Dust capacity 340 g/m²
Aerosol retention 90 – 95 %
The temperature limit  +100 °C