Painting and drying complex: FSC series

The painting complex of the FSC series creates an ideal microclimate for applying and drying the paint and varnish coating on various products of wood, glass, plastic, metal, etc.

Тип продукту: Фарбувальний комплекс
Серія: FSC
Галузь використання: Для деревообробки
Тип встановлення: На рівну підлогу

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Painting and drying complex: FSC series is made on the basis of accurate engineering calculations and increases the efficiency of painting wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc.…

They are installed on a flat floor, without a special foundation base with air ducts. The air is heated using a diesel or gas burner, or an electric heat exchanger (on the customer’s choice).

The painting and drying complex of the FSC series performs two main functions:

  1. create ideal conditions for painting the product
  2. create the perfect microclimate for further drying;

and consists of two independent nodes:

  • paint application chamber,
  • drying chamber,

that are synchronized with each other. The chambers are connected by one common wall with sliding gates, which allows you to directly move products from the painting chamber to the drying chamber, with maximum speed.

The painting chamber is equipped with a powerful exhaust system, with a multi-stage filter system.

Depending on the technology of applying the paintwork material, the most effective filtration system is determined.

Basic equipment

  • Set of wall panels 50 mm thick;
  • Entrance gate;
  • Adjacent gate;
  • Set of ceiling lights 4x18W;
  • Diesel, gas burner, electric heat exchanger (one for customer choice);
  • 4-way stainless steel heat exchanger;
  • Supply centrifugal ventilation unit, with electric motor;
  • Damper for manual adjustment of air pressure in the spray booth;
  • Set of discharge, feed and previous filters;
  • Control panel with automation and control systems;
  • Pressure meter for monitoring the pressure in the camera cabin;
  • Ceiling construct with a set of ceiling filter frames;
  • Exhaust ventilation cabinet АСС-2,5;
  • Set of emission filter frames;
  • Temperature controller;
  • Hour meter;
  • Timer for monitoring drying time.

Technical specifications

For basic configuration*

FSC Series

Painting booth

Drying chamber


External size of the complex (LxWxH) 10х5,5х2,9 m
Inner chamber size (LxWxH) 4х4х2,4 m 6х4х2,4 m
Entrance gate (WxH) 2,4х2 m 2,4х2 m
Interchamber gates (WxH) 1,2х2 m


Air performance until 12000 m³/h until 6000 m³/h
Chamber air velocity 0,28 m/sec 0,14 m/sec
Air exchange in the cab more 200 set/hour more 100 set/hour
Temperature (set by the operator) 16-24 °С 16-30 °С

Power consumption***

For electric heat exchanger 18-54 kW/h 13,5-40,5 kW/h
For diesel burner 7-13 kg/h 3,4-7,2 kg/h
For gas burner 6,4-18 m³/h 3,7-8,9 m³/h

Burner heat output

Diesel burner 80-160 kW 34,4-73,1 kW
Gas-burner 60-170 kW 35-85 kW


Energy saving lights LED Т8, 1200х4×18 8 set 4 set


Power supply 3 phase/380V/ 50Hz
Total electricity consumption 8 kW/h 4 kW/h

*- Characteristics designed for execution as standard. Camera performance increases significantly when using optional accessory nodes.

**- The external dimensions of the chamber depend on the type and location of the ventilation unit.

***- The amount of fuel consumed depends on the ambient temperature.