Floor discharge filter for spray booth

Especially for use as floor filters for spray booths, we offer you the fiberglass “Paint Stop” filter materials manufactured by TWE Bocholt (Germany).

Product type: Filter

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Filter materials based on polyester and fiberglass. Paint Stop is specially designed for the separation of filter mists in spray booths.

For paintwork, primers, paints, enamel and varnishes

  • High quality cleaning
  • The design of the filters allows you to clean over 95% of the exhaust air;
  • Long running lines;

According to international safety standards

Fire safety class F1 according to DIN 53438.

Technical specifications

Cleaning class G4
Weight 220 g/m²
Thickness 50 mm
Working speed 0,7 – 1,75 m/sec
Initial pressure 6,0 – 30,0 Pa
Pressure Limit (Recommended) 80 Pa
Air flow m² 2.500 – 6.300 m³/h
Spray paint capacity 3 500 g/m²
Aerosol retention 90 – 95 %
Temperature limit -15 to +180 ° C