Abrasive blasting chamber KASO Series

The KASO series is equipment for safe and comfortable cleaning using shot and abrasive.

Product type: Abrasive blasting chamber
Series: KASO

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The KASO abrasive blasting chamber is a solution for the safe cleaning of products using the abrasive-jet method. Protects the operator from a rebound. Regenerates fraction (raw materials) for reuse. For use with steel or cast iron, chipped or rolled shots, glass balls, electrocorundum, boron carbide or silicon.

The main units

  • Cabin;
  • Conveyor;
  • Bucket Elevator;
  • Separator;
  • Hopper fraction;
  • Filter and ventilation unit;
  • Remote Control.

Each individual unit is modified to the required dimensions and the number of machined parts. Depending on these indicators, cameras will have different performance.


It limits the area of abrasive blast cleaning from the surrounding space and prevents the expansion of abrasive material, or fine dust particles.
Equipped with a lighting system, level – more than 700 lux. It is convenient to evaluate the quality of surface cleaning.

Scraper Conveyor

It is an element of the system for collecting, transporting and regenerating abrasive material. Automatically, without stopping the cleaning process, collects used abrasive material from the floor of the working area, and transports it to the regeneration unit.

Bucket elevator

Designed for transporting used abrasive from the scraper floor to a separation (regeneration) system.


A device for automatic cleaning of material from dust and various small contaminants by delineating by mass and size of particles for the further use of pure raw materials


Filter-ventilation installation with pulse blowing – used in industrial suction systems for air purification, to eliminate all kinds of dirt with dust in the air. One of the main nodes of the camera is a cash register.

Remote Control

The synchronized automatic control system of KASO, reflecting the state of the main equipment nodes and camera operating mode.

According to international safety standards and state labor protection standards

  • Equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Made of non-combustible materials;
  • Explosion-proof design of fans and basic elements of the ventilation system;
  • System of automatic protective blocking – excludes the possibility of supplying paint or compressed air to circular devices in the event of a ventilation interruption.