Industrial painting and drying complexes: IKFS series

The use of industrial paint-drying chambers significantly improves the quality of applying and drying a protective or decorative paint coating. The equipment complies with international safety standards and state labor protection standards. The IKFS series provides the best working conditions for the operator during dyeing and increases the speed of the paint section in production. Systems of forced ventilation and air preparation provide a constant and uniform flow of clean air, heated to a predetermined temperature.

Product type: Spray booths
Painting chamber
Series: IKFS
Industry: For metal structures
For railway cars
For defense equipment
For agricultural machinery

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Industrial painting and drying complexes: IKFS series it is a synchronized complex of equipment, which is designed to increase the safety of the working environment of the painting area on an industrial scale, as well as a technological solution that allows you to best integrate equipment for the painting area into existing rooms, technologies, production cycles.

Industrial spray booths are equipped with air filtration systems with a high degree of filtration, which allows you to effectively prepare the product surface for painting, paint and dry, in a safe and comfortable environment..

The manufacture of industrial spray booths is done according to individual calculations. Depending on the industry of application, technical features of the product and productivity, they are divided into uninhabited (automatic processing of products) or inhabited (semi-automatic operation of the paint shop).

Product dimensions and processing speed requirements determine the size of the chambers and their functional filling.

Basic equipment

  • Set of wall panels;
  • Swing gates;
  • Set of ceiling lights 4x18W;
  • Set of wall lights 2x18W;
  • Electric heat exchanger or diesel / gas burner (optional);
  • Supply ventilation unit with electric motor;
  • Exhaust ventilation unit, with electric motor;
  • Gate device with pneumatic drive;
  • Damper for manual adjustment of air pressure in the chamber cabin;
  • A set of filters ejection, feed and previous;
  • Control panel with automation and control systems;
  • Pressure meter for monitoring the pressure in the camera cabin;
  • Ceiling construct with a set of ceiling filter frames;
  • Set of floor grates, max load – 800 kg / wheel;
  • Set of frames for emission filters;
  • Pressure sensors in the chamber;
  • Temperature controller;
  • Hour meter;
  • Timer to control the drying time;
  • Service doors for staff.

Technical specifications

For basic configuration*






The internal size of the working area (LxWxH) 12х5х5 m 18х6х6 m 24х6х6 m
Gate Size (WxH) 4,2х4 m 4,8х4,5 m
Doors for staff (WxH) 0,8х2 m


Power exhaust ventilation unit 2х11 kW 3х11 kW 4х11 kW
Power tidal ventilation unit 2х15 kW 3х15 kW 4х15 kW
Air productivity 60000 m³/h 90000 m³/h 120000 m³/h
Air speed in the working area 0,25 m/sec
Air temperature 16-70 °С
Cabin Thermal Insulation Thickness 80 mm


Energy saving lights LED Т8, 1200х4 16 pcs 24 pcs 32 pcs
Energy saving lights LED Т8, 1200х2 10 pcs 16 pcs 20 pcs


Power supply 3 phase/380 V/ 50 Hz
Total electricity consumption 54 kW/h 80 kW/h 107 kW/h
Heat exchanger power consumption*** 60-180 kW/h 90-270 kW/h 120-360 kW/h
Thermal power of gas burners*** 210-840 kW 305-1260 kW 420-1640 kW
Thermal power of diesel burners*** 390-840 kW 585-1260 kW 780-1680 kW

*- Characteristics designed for execution as standard. Camera performance increases significantly when using optional accessory nodes.

**- The external dimensions of the chamber depend on the type and location of the ventilation unit.

***- The amount of fuel consumed depends on the outside temperature. In the basic configuration, air heating can occur using an electric heat exchanger / gas or diesel burner (optional).