Filter and ventilation unit (FVU)

Filter-ventilation unit (FVU) with pulse blowing. It is used in industrial aspiration systems for air purification, to eliminate all kinds of dirt and dust.

Product type: Filter and ventilation unit (FVU)

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Aspiration – a method of air purification using a filter-ventilation unit in industrial ventilation systems. Polluted air, or other gases, passes through filter cartridges that trap dust and small particles (solid, teardrop-shaped).

Work principles filter-ventilation unit

  • Contaminated air enters the device.
  • Large and heavy dust particles are sent directly to the cleaning hopper.
  • Dusty air is evenly distributed between the filter elements.
  • Dust particles are trapped on the outer surface, and the purified air leaves the filter-ventilation unit.

Filter regeneration

Dusty filter elements are regenerated by pulses of compressed air. What enters the pneumatic pipes through solenoid valves. Located above the open ends of the filter elements in a purified air chamber. A pulse of compressed air, through nozzles in the pneumatic pipes, is directed inside the filter element, dropping dust from its outer surface. Dust is scattered into the dust bin and is removed through the discharge device

Technical specifications

for base models

Models FVU9 FVU12 FVU15 FVU18 FVU24 FVU27 FVU30
Air performance, m³/h 9000 12000 15000 18000 24000 27000 30000
Max. power consumption 11 11 15 18,5 22 30 30
Max. hydraulic resistance, Pa 2200 2200 2500 2400 2200 2500 2500
Filter elements
Type Cylinder cartridge
Number of filter elements 9 12 15 18 24 27 30
Cleaning class according DSTU EN – 779 F9
Working temperature in the filter От -40 ◦С до +80 ◦С
Compressed air, mPa 0,6-0,7
Contaminated Air Inlet Flange (WxH), mm 1185х300 1545х310 1915х265 2285х265 2285х325 1689х250 2285х380
Clean Air Inlet Flange (WxH), mm 1215х395 1215х655 1215х485 1215х485 1590х475 1590х475 1970х455
Overall dimensions
Length, mm 1580 1565 1565 1590 1980 1595 2360
Width, mm 1365 1725 2095 2465 2465 3595 2415
Height, mm 2970 3140 3135 3065 3495 3565 3350
Weight, kg 600 750 900 1000 1250 1250 1500