Cardboard ejection filter

Corrugated cardboard paint filters use the principle of inertial separation. Exhaust air changes its direction several times. The particles are heavier than air, settle on the walls of the filters. The corrugations are filled with particles, and air circulates freely through the openings.

Product type: Filter

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Cardboard ejection filter for painting chambers, cardboard, labyrinth type. Made of corrugated cardboard paper, density 250 mg / m². Depending on the properties of the paint, the efficiency of the filter can reach 99%. 25 evenly distributed corrugations (folds) – per one linear meter.

For painting works, soils, paints, enamels and varnishes

  • High quality of cleaning;
  • The design of the filters allows to purify more than 95% of the exhaust air;
  • Long service life;
  • Carbon storage capacity – up to 20 kg / m².

According to international safety standards

  • Environmentally friendly according to ISO 14000;
  • Refractory according to ATEX 91/9 / CE.

The filter is supplied in pack sizes:

  • 750х13300х60 mm;
  • 900х111000х60 mm;
  • 1000х10000х60 mm.

The filter area in each version is 10 m².


Weight 250 g/m²
Thickness 50 мм
Airflow rate 0,3-1,0 m/sec
Pressure drop 20Pa
Cumulative capacity 20 kg/m²
Air throughput 3600 m³/m²
Temperature mode 180 ◦С
Dimensions 1000х600х6 mm