Drying mobile rack (double)

The double mobile drying rack, in comparison with the one-sided one, has more shelves for loading painted products, carries more weight and is equipped with more durable wheels. This rack is controlled by side handles. It is suitable not only for spacious paint shops, but also for small spaces due to its good maneuverability. Parts weighing up to 20 kg can be folded onto the shelves of this rack. or 2 parts resting on two guides of one shelf, which is a great advantage over analogues!

Welded metal racks are, perhaps, one of the most popular and widespread ways of storing products in warehouses or in production, but this does not mean that this design is also the most effective. One of the main competitors in the past few years for such a traditional shelving has become a structure on wheels.

For painting works

Drying rack.

According to international safety standards and government regulations on labor protection

Made of non-flammable materials.