Drum separator – SBT

A drum-type separator (SBT) is a device designed for automatic cleaning of abrasive material from dust, slag and various contaminants, by differentiating by mass and particle size, for further use of the cleaned material. The SBT is specially designed for use in blast cleaning chambers, it regenerates the abrasive material and automatically feeds it into the blast machine for further use. The separator significantly increases the service life of the abrasive material and improves the quality of surface cleaning.

Product type: Equipment for shot blasting chambers
Model: SBT
Application industry: For metal structures - For railway cars - For defense equipment - For agricultural machinery

According to its main purpose, the SBT separator is one of the main units of the abrasive blast cleaning chamber (cash desk). It participates in the process of restoring the abrasive material and increases its service life. Regeneration of the abrasive material allows it to be reused without losing the quality of cleaning the surfaces.


The used material, together with dust and dirt, gets into the drum and rotates continuously.
The separator is equipped with a membrane filter, which separates the main material from bulky impurities. Depending on the type of material, the filter will have different hole diameters.
By sieving, the separator separates the base material and transports it to a special hopper, and separates the contamination. Raw materials are distributed by weight and size.
A rarefied air stream passes through the flow of a mixture of abrasive and dust that falls, the power of which is regulated by a flow regulator. The dust removed by the air stream is directed to the waste tank.
The separator works in automatic mode and is synchronized with other technological processes.