Mobile drying rack

The use of shelving on wheels allows you to add mobility to the work and increase the efficiency of use of available space. In addition, such mobile equipment can already be used not only for storage, but also for moving parts to the place of further processing.

Product type: Stand for parts

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Welded metal racks are perhaps one of the most popular and common ways of storing products in warehouses or in production, but this does not mean that this design is also the most effective. One of the main competitors in the past few years with such a traditional shelving has become a design on wheels.

For paint work

Rack for drying products.

According to international safety standards

Made of non-combustible materials.

This rack has modifications: Standard, Standard with removable shelves, Reinforced, Reinforced with removable shelves. Also, this rack can be equipped with an additional intermediate section, which has the ability to move along the entire rack.



PRR 800

Overall dimensions, mm (LxWxH) without wheels

2200х1060х1610 mm

The distance between the shelves, mm


4 wheels (2 with brake)

 125 mm

Number of shelves


Departure of the shelf, mm.


Shelf load, kg


Maximum load, kg