Swivel stand for automotive parts

With the help of this rack, the master has the ability to securely attach body parts and rotate them 360 °. Reliable rack rotation lock prevents overturning of parts. The scope of delivery includes clamps that are suitable for factory openings of any make of the car. Also in the kit you will find the clamps, which are firmly fixed by the holders on the rack in a stable position.

Product type: Stand for parts

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The stand is equipped with wheels that can move it around the painting area, the paint chamber. It can be additionally equipped with a mount for the spray gun and two holders for the plastic elements of the body!

to Car workshop

For clamping parts for painting.

According to international safety standards

Made of non-combustible materials.




PR 1500-1700

Overall dimensions, mm. (LxWxH)


It is long of the big fastening, mm.


It is long of short fastening, mm.


Mount Adjustment


Number of adjustment positions, pcs.


Maximum load, kg.


Product weight, kg