Bucket conveyor KT – 5M

KT - 5M is a continuous bucket conveyor designed to move dry bulk materials in the vertical direction. KT - 5M is one of the main units of the abrasive blast cleaning chamber by the cash register. It is specially designed for handling slag and abrasive materials, including cast and chipped steel shot, aluminum oxide, glass beads, various metal carbides and other abrasive materials.

Product type: Equipment for shot blasting chambers
Model: KT - 5M
Application industry: For metal structures - For railway cars - For defense equipment - For agricultural machinery

Bucket conveyor KT – 5M (Noria) – made of carbon steel, includes the main, upper and several intermediate sections, inside which a conveyor belt with buckets moves. The buckets are loaded with abrasive material at the bottom of the conveyor, lift this material to the top and, due to centrifugal force, dump the material into the transition channel.

The main prerequisites for efficient and trouble-free operation of the conveyor are precisely matched to the shape and size of the bucket
belt speed, drum dimensions, well-thought-out design of the upper and main sections.

The traction mechanism of the bucket conveyor is a high-strength belt with built-in special bucket. The conveyor belt bends around the upper and lower drums and is driven by a geared motor.

Noria KT – 5M can be used in the following areas: