Dry filter fume hood: ASS Cabine series (ASS-C2-3)

ASS Cabine series - creates safe and comfortable working conditions for painters. Equipped with a dry filtration system, a Paintstop filter and a sealed LED lamp.

Type of product: Dry filter fume hood
Series: ASS Cabine
Application: For wood, plastic, metal
Type of filtration: Dry, two-level

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Fume hood: ASS Cabine series is a camera for paint work with a dry filtration system. Increases safety and comfort. It is installed in a prepared room, with exhaust air ducts connected.

For compact products

The system of active absorption of contaminated air and paint deposits. Air purification using a hydraulic filtration system and a Paintstop filter. The degree of purification is over 90%. The economical use of the space of the painting area and the synchronized use of several cabinets simultaneously.

According to international safety standards

  • Equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Made of non-combustible materials;
  • Explosion-proof design of fans and basic elements of the ventilation system;
  • System of automatic protective blocking – excludes the possibility of supplying paint or compressed air to circular devices in the event of a shutdown of ventilation;
  • Conforms to EU4 filtration class.


Basic equipment

  • Cabinet body made of bent galvanized steel panels;
  • Explosion-proof ventilation unit;
  • Electric motor;
  • Labyrinth cardboard filter, 1 pc;
  • Sealed energy-saving LED lamp;
  • Filter cassette with fiberglass filter type PaintStop;
  • Remote Control.

Technical specifications

For basic configuration*





External dimensions of the cabinet (LxWxH) 2х2,4х1 m 3х2,4х1 m


Filtration system Two-level dry filtration system
Effective Filter Area 4 m² 6 m²

Power of ventilation units

Exhaust ventilation unit 3 kW/h 3 kW/h
Air productivity 8000 m³/h 11000 m³/h
Air speed in the working area 0,25-0,40 m/sec


Energy saving lights LED Т8, 1200х2×18 1 pcs 1 pcs


Power supply 3 phase/380 V/ 50 Hz
Total electricity consumption 3,1 kW/h 3,1 kW/h

*- Characteristics designed for execution as standard. Camera performance increases significantly when using optional accessory nodes.