Preliminary Preconditioning post: APP Light-F series

The APP Light-F series accurate synchronized equipment, creates the perfect microclimate. For safe fast and high-quality application of paintwork. It embodies modern technological solutions. Increases the effectiveness of paint work.

Product type: Preconditioning post
Series: APP Light-F
Industry: For all industries
Type of installation: on a flat floor

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Preliminary preparation post: APP Light-P series is a budget solution, with basic performance. Equipped with powerful removal and filtering systems. In operation, dust and polluted air are actively absorbed by the exhaust system and remain within the training post. Quick assembly design. In case of need, the posts are easy to lay out and assemble, in a new place. Mounted on a flat floor, without foundation with air ducts.

For such work

  • Cleaning;
  • Grinding;
  • Putty;
  • Primer;
  • Polishing.

The use of training posts significantly increase the durability of the spray booth filters.

According to international safety standards

  • Equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Made of non-combustible materials;
  • Explosion-proof design of fans and basic elements of the ventilation system;

Basic equipment

  • Centrifugal ventilation unit with electric motor;
  • Gate device with pneumatic drive;
  • Set of filters of discharge, supply and preliminary;
  • Control panel with automation systems;
  • Set of ejection filter frames.

Technical specifications

For basic configuration*


APP Light-F


The internal size of the working area (LxWxH) 6х3,5х2,6 m


Exhaust ventilation unit 4 kW/h
Air performance 15000 m³/h
Chamber air velocity 0,14 m/sec


Energy saving lights LED Т8, 1200х4×18 8 pcs


Power supply 3 phase/380V/ 50Hz
Total electricity consumption 4 kW/h

*- Characteristics designed for execution as standard. Camera performance increases significantly when using optional accessory nodes.

**- The external dimensions of the chamber depend on the type and location of the ventilation unit.