Принцип работы покрасочной камеры


The spray booth is a special room with the necessary conditions for painting cars, which are created with the help of supply and exhaust ventilation. An effective ventilation system helps to create a minimum inclusion of dust particles in the filtered and heated air in the chamber. An optimized control system allows you to monitor the temperature and turns off the heating at the specified parameters. In order to prevent the walls of the chamber from being bent, with increased pressure, a pneumatic door valve is integrated into the doors. The timer of the ventilation system allows you to remove harmful fumes after drying. The windows of the chamber are equipped with special glasses to avoid troubles.

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To create a smooth paint coating requires a certain principle of operation and action of the spray booth. Atmospheric air is cleaned of dust by passing through built-in filters. Then, the inflow fan sends it to the heat exchanger, for heating to 20°C. The next one on the air transportation path is the “attic”, after which, passing through the ceiling filters, he returns to the box at a speed of 0.22 m / s. The temperature should be controlled since condensation begins to form when the air overheats. In this case, as in the case of improper operation, premature wear of parts and mechanisms occurs. The system has a protection mechanism. In the event of an unscheduled shutdown, the heat supply is interrupted to prevent overheating.

Next in the air are fine filters. To prevent turbulence inside the chamber, such devices are located on the ceiling. The flow comes from the top of the chamber and moves down the contour of the car. Special filters located on the floor do not allow the dye to enter on the floor. The same filters let paint fog through. The chamber is purged quickly, in just five minutes, using a damper that controls the recirculation. At the end of these operations, the chamber turns on the drying mode.


The principle of operation of the spray booth for cars contains another important point: after the painting itself, it is necessary to dry it in a certain mode.

Before switching on the drying mode, exhaust ventilation is automatically turned off, which is automatically associated with the opening of the recirculation flap. So that the varnished surface does not become dull, an additional (10 to 15%) intake of fresh air is carried out. This recharge of air prevents strong saturation of the chamber with solvent vapor.

This mode of operation allows the system to be more efficient and spend 40% less heat and electricity than in the painting mode. The explanation is simple: in the dyeing mode, a lot of air is required to distribute the dye and a constant temperature is needed, as well as circulation of air masses.

One of the options for carrying out paint work on cars can be a spray booth with a water curtain, the principle of which is basically the same, and the difference is in the method of removing paint vapor. In these chambers, special water curtains are installed for painting large-sized units and individual parts.


When the recirculation mode is on, the air passes through the pre-filters, at the same time it is heated. Then, the ventilation system is turned on, which provides the same speed of air flow as when painting a car. Necessarily, 10-15% of the involved air volume needs to be thrown out, replacing with clean air. The working temperature in the chamber should be at least 80 ° C.

To learn more about the principle of the spray booth, to get acquainted with the different modes of work you need to go to the company’s website. There, in an accessible form, the entire mechanism for carrying out such work is described and the principle of the operation of the spray booth in Techservice Weko is specifically described.