Окрасочные камеры для металлоконстукций


Painting chambers for metal constructions are used for painting objects made of metal for various purposes and in different sizes. Painting of metal constructions in Ukraine is in demand in almost all production areas in various industries.

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● to paint objects and their individual elements, various details, minimizing the level of complexity of the process, increasing efficiency and ensuring high performance of painters;
● provide a high level of protection of objects from the damaging effects of the environment;
● satisfy the requirements of SNiP, PPB, PEB and the requirements that are regulated by other regulatory documents.

The arrangement of the chamber implies the presence of:

● directly paint the room;
● filter systems;
● supply and exhaust ventilation;
● heat generator.

The painting process is carried out in a specially equipped indoor structure. The street air coming from outside into this room is heated as necessary by means of a heat generator to a predetermined temperature. Then it is fed into the chamber through the supply ventilation system and filters. And once it has been worked out, it passes the return trip to the street: it is again filtered and taken out through the hood.

The biggest difficulties in painting metal objects arise when working with structures that have large dimensions, due to the fact that moving them inside the chamber is problematic. Painting of metal constructions in Weko Techservice helps solve this problem:

● the company offers to buy equipment for painting metal constructions and the cabs themselves of chambers of various sizes;
● a large assortment of units for thermal ventilation is available;
● there are cabs that have a reinforced structure, and models with an opening roof;
● you can use crane beams when placing the painted object inside the chamber;
● options for equipping the floor with a system for moving objects;
● the development of individual projects and the manufacture of spray-drying chambers for the needs of the customer and the features of the metal structures with which he works are possible.
Everyone has the opportunity to buy spray booths for metal structures in Kyiv.

For painting objects made of metal, there are paint aggregates of various models and modern types of paint and varnish coatings – Tekhservice WEKO metal paint has established itself as one of the highest quality paint and varnish materials on the market. In order for the metal structure to serve for a guaranteed long time, it is recommended to use professional equipment and special cameras that can provide the required quality of preparation for painting and painting objects of this type.

The Techservice WEKO company carries out the design and manufacture of chambers for preparatory work for painting and spray booths. The work is supposed to be done in a certain sequence – this allows you to get an aesthetic appearance of the object and make it’s surface more durable. The painting procedure consists of:

● preparation of the facility using sandblasting and shot blasting machines – for cleaning from old coatings, dirt and rusted areas;
● removing oil stains in the preparation chamber;
● primers prepared for painting areas;
● painting.

Weko Techservice is an engineering company specializing in the calculation and planning of equipment for industrial facilities, including spray booths for metal objects. The company’s products are the optimal combination of the buyer’s cost of acquiring products and quality purchased for the money. All equipment is modern, technological, designed for long service life.