Покрасочные камеры для производств (линии покраски)


The TWEKO company designs and supplies industrial painting lines in Kyiv in Ukraine, selecting elements depending on specific parameters. The equipment is used for painting various surfaces using liquid coatings. When working, strict modern standards and requirements are taken into account. When fulfilling the order, the specific conditions in which the equipment will be used and the special wishes of the client are taken into account. All designed automatic powder coating lines are supposed to be equipped with spray guns and cabins of the best European manufacturers. For use in painting agricultural machinery, cars, as well as when working with any large-sized products, it is recommended to complete the lines with spray booths equipped with special filtration systems.

To order spray booths for production (painting lines) – Call:

+380 (68) 272 87 60

+380 (50) 216 87 80

+380 (63) 411 13 18

+380 (63) 708 91 10

or write to the mail: tweko2112@gmail.com

Chambers for painting with liquid paints can be connected in one technological line with other elements:

● chamber for surface preparation (shot blasting machines);
● chamber for drying products;
● lifts for staff;
● transportation systems;
● equipment intended for preliminary preparation of paint and its supply to the spray booth.

To meet current environmental requirements, each painting line from Techservice WEKO is equipped with coagulation and treatment equipment, in some cases, elements designed for burning vapors are used. Contact our specialists for details and the optimal choice of a paint line.