Окрасочные камеры для машиностроения


Spray booths for mechanical engineering in Kyiv are actively used in painting mechanisms, technical units, bodies and parts, profile type pipes and sheet metal. The manufacture of such chambers is a priority in industry and is widely in demand among the leaders of large factories and plants.

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Each chamber for painting industrial units has its own unique technical characteristics, sharpened for a specific work process. So, small-sized chambers are designed for automatic painting and priming of profile and rolled metal pipes that have passed the cleaning stage with a shot-blasting chamber. There are also special chambers designed for painting mechanisms with parts connected by welding, through a vertically directed air flow. The length of the paint booths starts from 25 m. Depending on the configuration, the chamber may have one volume or its area may be divided into two sections by gates. This allows you to significantly save energy when painting parts and assemblies of small sizes. Each painting complex consists of step-by-step connected elements, therefore it meets all National Standards.

Painting and drying chambers for mechanical engineering in Weko Techservice are made in a flow conveyor. The composition of the spray booth includes:

● zone of loading and preparation of paints and varnishes;
● priming chamber;
● drying chamber and interlayer exposure of materials;
● painting chamber;
● chamber holding material before drying;
WEKO Techservice has vast experience and professionalism in the design and manufacture of chambers for painting units, so all products comply with the standards of the technological production process. If you want to buy spray booths for mechanical engineering in Kyiv, contact Weko Techservice, and the staff will help you in selecting the unit in accordance with your production tasks and the technical characteristics of your plant. Only here you can buy spray booths for mechanical engineering at affordable prices from the manufacturer.