Покрасочные камеры для военной промышленности


So that weapons and military equipment are not noticeable against the background of the surrounding area, a special protective coating is used. It has the ability to create color harmony between military vehicles, weapons and the environment, making it difficult to visually find objects.

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Choosing the necessary protective colors, they are guided by the basic rules: the colors should be dull, have a smooth transition of shades and not be glossy. Protective painting is much preferable to camouflage, which allows you to use it as a main component. With its help, you can create different masking options that allow the object to be invisible when moving, changing terrain with the coming of the next season, and even when moving military equipment to other terrains. Protective coloring is the main component of various types of camouflage combat vehicles.

When painting military equipment and uniforms, it should be remembered that after applying this method of disguise, shine or gloss should not be present, and in no case should they give any glare. It was this rule that made refusing varnishes, solvents and enamel paints when staining. To make the surfaces rough, sand, chalk or sawdust are added to the paint.

The deforming method of dyeing gives military equipment elements of contour distortion and makes it impossible to identify. Although this method has its serious drawback: a painted object gets dependent on the surrounding background. The object does not completely merge with the environment and becomes noticeable when its color changes. The main types of deforming coloring are: crushing – having small spots, and distorting – containing large spots. Used for a long time when painting military equipment, camouflage, in the absence of other methods of staining, was the only way to mask. However, it caused large material and labor costs, not giving this method a significant advantage, especially when more modern technologies for painting military equipment and military uniforms appeared.

Painting military equipment in Ukraine is a rather complicated and responsible, as well as expensive process, requiring a very serious attitude to oneself. To date, for the implementation of staining, professional paint booths have been created that are capable of staining large-sized equipment. They have a number of their features:

● they have powerful heating elements that can create the right temperature for the polymerization of epoxy paints and enamels;
● chambers are made of special materials resistant to high temperature;
● built-in humidifiers to create and maintain the necessary humidity conditions;
● the mandatory device of the supply and exhaust ventilation system;
● the presence of equipped bulk floors, in order to divert static electricity;
● stand out in large overall dimensions, some chambers reach up to 24 meters in width.

Painting and drying chambers for the military industry, Weko Technical Service, having vast experience in this segment of the market, produce fully considering the specifics of painting products. It is here that you can buy spray booths for the military industry. You can make a purchase request by contacting the telephone numbers located on the Internet resource. Also, we can purchase a shot blasting chamber, which is necessary for military equipment and its painting in some cases.