Ремонт покрасочных камер


With the intensive use of all kinds of equipment, it is quite likely that various kinds of situations will arise when partial or complete repair of a particular unit is necessary. At this moment, it is very important to contact specialists, and not try to eliminate the malfunction on your own. Techservice WEKO company carries out not only manufacturing but also repair of paint booths. Optimally, if the repair is done by people who made the device and have the necessary production base for the manufacture of failed parts. There are two types of problems:

1. Periodic – wear of consumables;
2. Freelance – sudden breakdown of an important site.

To minimize the occurrence of both supernumerary and periodic breakdowns, regular inspection of the complex by specialists, timely cleaning and adjustment is capable of. If necessary, our specialists will repair or upgrade the control system, replace heat exchangers and solve many other problems.


Expensive high-precision equipment included in the paint complex requires not only repair but also constant inspection. Subtle and insignificant at first glance details with untimely replacement can significantly reduce the quality of work of a huge device. Most often, such works are standard and well known to our craftsmen. The maintenance of the spray booth includes:

● replacement of all filter elements and engine belts;
● testing of all nodes and prevention (elimination) of identified malfunctions;

Especial attention masters Techservice Weko pay on:

● thermal ventilation group;
● ventilation unit;
● camera body;
● fixtures;
● control unit.

Neglect of maintenance can result in large material losses. Remember, the spray booth (complex) is a fire hazard equipment. Be sure to invite specialists for a regular inspection!


By purchasing paint equipment from us, you are fully protected from malfunctions for 12 months by warranty repair. All this time, our masters service the device for free, change broken parts (provided that the failure was not the fault of the operator). In our workshops, they can make any broken part. With the expiration of the warranty, diagnostics, maintenance and repair of the spray booth can be continued after the conclusion of the contract. If one of the main nodes fails, the chamber stops completely. Every minute of equipment downtime is fraught with large material losses. Specialists of Techservice Weko are ready to take up work of any level of complexity. We will quickly go to the place of failure, diagnose and inspect the problem, dismantle the unit or repair it in place.

In working with mechanisms, prevention is very important. Do not neglect it. Dial the number indicated at the top of the site, at the first suspicion of a malfunction. Call us!