Покрасочная камера проходного типа


The activities of many production complexes are designed so that it is necessary to paint numerous parts/products in one shift. The supply and removal of finished products into an ordinary chamber takes quite a lot of time. The pass-through spray booth created by the designers of Techservice WEKO will help speed up the process and make it continuous. The device is specifically designed for large volumes of coloring products. The difference between such a room is that it is equipped with two gates: through some parts, it enters the chamber, and through others, it comes out already painted. For greater efficiency, such complexes are divided into three zones:

1. preparatory;
2. paint;
3. drying.
The main parts of the complex are similar to most industrial chambers.

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Basically, it allows you to significantly save time, making the process of dyeing and drying as quickly as possible. Additionally, the complex can be understaffed with a box for paint preparation and a training post. In enterprises where all production processes are organized by the conveyor method, it is in demand exactly the passage-through spray booth. It is technologically correct to first assemble the product body, then move it into the chamber for cleaning, painting and drying, and then place the prepared parts inside. Most often, such equipment is used in the automotive and wagon industries. In addition, the complexes are successfully used in the production of agricultural machinery and in large furniture factories. Our company creates and designs chambers of any size for the needs of manufacturers.


Wanting to do small vehicle’s bodywork, novice businessmen are faced with the high price of factory paint equipment. Is it possible to save money by collecting something similar to a factory device in your own territory? It is possible, but the quality of the coating will only remotely resemble staining in factories or large service stations. According to rough estimates, a paint booth in a garage will require:

● availability of premises (garage);
● a heat fan or heat gun of sufficient power;
● assembly of the ventilation system.

In addition, you will need: lamps, fans, gates, automation and much more. Remember that the walls, ceiling and garage doors must be airtight, fireproof, washable. Provide air circulation through the floor – this is a prerequisite. Lamps should be powerful enough. Important: the ventilation should operate smoothly and have several filters.

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