Пульт управления окрасочной камеры


Many people wonder what the control panel of the spray booth is. This device consists of a modular control unit, on the front panel of which there are control tools and indicators. The rear panel of the remote control is equipped with holes for the passage of electrical wiring and a power connector, which connects an external electrical network.

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● determination of the degree of network voltage;
● turning on and off the exhaust fan;
● actuation of the frequency converter;
● turning on and off the lighting;
● checking filters for contamination;
● blocking the flow of compressed air if the filters are dirty;

Automation of the spray booth protects electrical equipment from excessive loads and short circuits. If cabs with a length of 2-3 m are involved in the painting process, a single control panel is used for this purpose.

The control panel for the spray booth at TechService WEKO contains the following elements on the front panel:

1. NETWORK indicator, which lights up when voltage is applied to the device.
2. FILTER indicator, which is activated when the filter system is dirty.
3. Fuse holder PR.6A – protects the lighting lines, dirt sensors and pneumatic valve coils from excessive loads.
4. LIGHTING – luminaire switch.
5. FAN – rotary knob for turning the fan on and off.
6. Remote panel for controlling the ventilation frequency converter.

You can order automation of the spray booth at TechService WEKO through a catalog on the site. As soon as you select the device that suits your configuration, you can place an order.