Покрасочный бокс своими руками


Everyone is looking for the opportunity to paint his car if necessary. Painting at the service station, often expensive, and also not the fact that it will be soundly. And when you paint your car yourself – this is an investment of the soul, time and money. And the result will be very high quality. You have free time, do-it-yourself paint boxing in the garage is the best option. The painting work in boxing takes place in 3 stages:

The first is when the machine is placed in a chamber and the air is cleaned of dust. This stage is needed in order to take air from the box, filter it and send it back to the box. Sometimes a metal product should be cleaned more thoroughly. Then use a shot blasting chamber.

The second is the coloring job. In this case, the air is taken from the street, heating to 30 degrees occurs and it returns to the street again.

The third is car drying. The air that circulates in the box is filtered, heated to 60 degrees and continues to circulate there the right time.

Coloring of cars takes place in specially equipped chambers. The technology of painting equipment is carried out by installing a filter system, a heat exchanger and an extractor fan, with the help of which the required air temperature is maintained and circulated in the box. The paint box is a room that is closed and also specially equipped. It is used to carry out a variety of different stains. A do-it-yourself paint booth will reduce your spending on changing the color of a car, repairing it, and can also help in developing your own car painting business. Painting cars in the spray booth is, first, tightness, as the chamber does not allow dust to enter from the outside. And any object that accumulates dust is simply not needed in the chamber.

Sooner or later, any make and model of a machine needs work to repair it, and this can be either a minor repair or an absolutely large-scale procedure. Often, the paint and varnish coating of a car gradually fades, deteriorates and becomes not as bright as before. In this regard, the owner of the car will think about the issue of re-staining the car. Painting takes place in a specially equipped airtight box for cars; it is qualitatively protected from dust and dirt (can get from the outside). Our company Techservice WEKO offers a box for painting a car, in which you can conduct first-class coloring of any part of your car. The chamber is made precisely according to the requirements of our customers and at the same time meets all European Standards.