Окрасочно — сушильные камеры для автосервисов

Painting and drying chambers for car services

The quality of car painting is one of the decisive parameters by which we have an idea about the work of the service station. The quality of work depends mainly on the technical support and the novelty of the equipment. A key element in the technological chain that directly affects the results of work is painting and drying chambers for car services.

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Upon careful consideration, the solution to the ordinary problem of acquiring painting equipment causes problems that must be addressed before equipment is purchased. For example, which for car services in Ukraine are in greatest demand.

Spray booths for service stations

Car painting is a complex technological task. To solve it, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of technological standards, modern equipment for car service, a spray booth (sometimes required) and a special tool.

Most service station owners believe that buying an inexpensive camera for painting will solve all problems, without suggesting the need for unintended investments.

Only a careful choice when purchasing special equipment, adherence to painting technology will guarantee a high-quality result.

Car service managers must prepare themselves for the fact that the total investment in the paint shop significantly exceeds the cost of the painting chamber, the development of documentation and the commissioning of the installation.