Камера для покраски авто


A painting workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine is used for painting work on the outside and inside of various objects: cars, metal structures, airplanes, and many others. Also, paint, enamel, primers, putties and other paints and varnishes are made in these workshops. To choose a workshop for your technical characteristics, you need to proceed from what units you will work with and what materials will be needed for painting.

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● for coloring;
● for drying;
● for the preparation of paint;
● for storage of paints and stencils;
● to control the observance of a paint preparation recipe;

Details of the branches for painting depend on the type of equipment with which you have to work. So, for painting train cars, the department is equipped with rails on which the car stands. If you have to paint by hand, according to the requirements for a painting workshop, the room is equipped with mobile trolleys, so that it is convenient for the master to move. As a rule, paints in such aggregates are applied to the surface to be painted using spray guns. For drying the surface, passage-type chambers are used. In the compartment for the preparation of paints, there are special sieves and paint graders that allow you to get a substance of sufficient concentration for application to the surface.

If you want to know how the paint workshop, you can see that the following operations are carried out in it:
1. First, suitable coloring materials are selected for a particular product.
2. The surface of the product is prepared.
3. The necessary varnishes, enamels and paints are prepared.
4. The surface of the product goes through the stages of primer, putty and grinding, the top coat of paint is applied.
5. Layers of paint are repeated several times.
6. The painted surface is dried.
7. The product is polished.
8. Top corrosion protection is applied.

If you need to buy equipment for a paint workshop, contact Weko Technical Service! Thanks to our equipment, you can create a modern paint shop with your own hands. Here you can also see the plan and photo of the paint shop to have an idea of how it should look. If you are interested in renting a paint shop, we will help you with finding a room at affordable prices. Contact our technical service by phone or through the feedback form on the site.