Освещение в покрасочной камере


According to technological standards, dyeing of products should be carried out in specially designed spray booths. They come in different sizes: from small (mini-chambers) to very large-sized (chambers for train cars) and do not have windows. The final result of the painting depends on correctly installed fixtures. In the absence of sunlight, it is very important to correctly position the lighting in the spray booth. During painting with fine powder dyes, colorful dust is constantly in the air of the chamber, significantly reducing visibility. On average, the light level should correspond to the values of 1000-2000 L. The location of the lamps can be:

● wall mounted;
● ceiling mounted;
● combined.
● spray booths additionally provide illumination of the rear wall.

The most justified is the use of LED lamps as an effective and economical source of lighting.

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The appearance of the painted product/part largely depends on the temperature regime at which painting and drying took place. The optimum temperature can be maintained by gas burners, electric heating elements or alternative heat exchangers. These types of heaters should work so that the temperature in the spray booth can vary from 16-24 degrees (painting) to 20-70 degrees (drying). The desired temperature is selected based on the type of paint and varnish used and the speed of the process. At the same time, the recovery mode is very important – when the automation does not emit all the warm air into the atmosphere, saving it for subsequent blowing. This mode makes the equipment economical while maintaining the color quality. Techservice WEKO designed a vortex-type heat exchanger, which saves 40% of electricity.


The main problem that painters face when working in spray booths is the high level of paint particles in the air. Also, particles of paint and dust lead to the appearance of electrostatic forces with different charges. The high concentration of such particles makes the equipment a fire hazard. To a large extent, the air is cleaned by a filter system, but liquid for the spray booths is also needed. This colorless substance is characterized by increased stickiness and excellent antistatic properties. Designed specifically to protect the inner walls of the chamber from dust circulation. It can be applied by roller, brush or spray in one or more layers. After a certain period of use (indicated in the instructions), the substance is washed off with water with the addition of detergents or a special solution. Then apply a new layer of liquid.

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