Выгодно ли заниматься покраской авто?

Is it profitable to paint a car?

In the context of industrial development, every third resident of the country owns a car. Owning your own vehicle is no longer a luxury item, but you can talk about its benefits endlessly. In this regard, car painting services are in great demand among the population. According to official statistics, the growth in vehicle sales is constantly growing every year. Accordingly, car painting is an area that will constantly develop and provide a business owner with a stable influx of customers for many years.

What should you know before you start?

There are a few things to consider before starting a business:

  1. Labor intensity of the painting process.
  2. The need to use high-quality, and therefore expensive materials.

However, despite the fact that expensive paints will have to be used, with a stable flow of customers, the project will pay off very quickly.

What do you need to open?

In order to start a car painting business, you need a space of at least 30 m². For these purposes, a garage is perfect, which you can either buy or rent for a long time.

An important point is the installation of a hood, or good ventilation. This is a requirement that must be met in this type of business.

Good lighting is another thing to consider when starting a business. Without high-quality fluorescent lamps, you can simply not notice a bald spot and leave some places not well painted over, and this will affect the overall result and cause customer dissatisfaction.

In the upper part of the room, it is imperative to install an air duct and a heat gun with heating elements. The floor will need to be raised by 10-15 cm. Without this it will be impossible to install a fan, which will be entrusted with the function of sucking air from the chamber. In order to significantly speed up the drying process, you can additionally purchase infrared lamps.

What equipment do you need to buy in order to open a car painting service?

There are several required elements, without which the master cannot work. You will need to purchase the following equipment:

  1. Compressor.
  2. Painting hydrants (one or two).
  3. Tools designed for surface grinding.
  4. Equipment required for dust removal.
  5. Infrared emitters.
  6. Paint sprayer.
  7. Painting and drying chamber.

Important! It is highly discouraged to save on the quality of the equipment used! It is better to invest more at the initial stages, so that in the future all this will pay off and not have to change the equipment in a couple of months. Cheap options usually do not provide high quality painting, and this will lead to the fact that the client will be unhappy with the service provided. The success of this business depends precisely on whether the work is done well or not. The more satisfied customers and recommendations you can get at the initial stages, the more stable the flow of new orders will be in the future.

Is it profitable to paint a car?

How to set the price for the services provided?

In order to calculate the cost of the services provided, you will first need to analyze the prices of competitors. When calculating, you should take into account that 4 cars can be painted in one working day. Of course, everything will depend on the skill of the staff, the working area on which the services are provided, as well as the way the air is heated. However, for the initial stage, no more than 4 will be the optimal indicator.

If drying is used with the help of ventilation at a temperature of 80 degrees, then the service will be reduced to two cars a day. If infrared drying is used, then 3-4 vehicles can be painted with ease.

Attention should also be paid to the provision of such a service as “local drying”. For a long time, everyone knows that buyers at the time of inspecting a car want to get a significant discount when they find scuffs, chips or scratches. This also applies to vehicles on the body of which there is no or damaged factory coating. Local paint application will provide the ability to hide minor damage due to the smooth transition technique. At the same time, the part does not have to be completely painted, which means that it will be possible to save paint and time. Of course, the cost of such a service will be lower, but it will be possible to serve more customers.

What is the essence of this technology?

When using this method, it will not be necessary to paint over the whole car, but a small part of it so that it does not differ from the entire car as a whole. Local painting is carried out in four stages:

  1. Application of special tape that will limit possible damage.
  2. Washing and degreasing the part to be painted.
  3. Paint application.
  4. Coating with varnish.

What to do if you want to hide dents and damage to the base coat with paintwork?

First you need to align the geometry. Due to the drawing and straightening of the dents with the help of the sportster, the body parts will return to their original state. Next, you will need to putty the repair area, dry it and prepare a primer, and then dry it again.

Then you need to prepare the part for local painting, and then the work itself is done using the smooth transition method. Next, you will need to dry and polish the part.

Adjustment of the thickness of the paintwork under the factory is carried out using a thickness gauge. The manufacturer’s standards must be adhered to, otherwise the buyer may have problems in the future during the sale of the machine.

Due to the use of modern consumables, as well as infrared drying lamps, the master will spend 4 to 6 hours on this type of repair. Spot painting the dent will be much cheaper in cost compared to full painting. At the same time, the provision of such a service will become an additional advantage for the new business. This can be easily explained by the fact that not all paint salons perform this type of work. It is much more profitable for them to provide the service for the entire vehicle and get more money. Local painting will attract additional customers, and therefore increase income.

How to attract customers and not lose a lot of money on advertising?

This question worries any businessman, and especially a beginner. Usually, friends and acquaintances become the first clients, after which they will give recommendations in their social circle. However, word of mouth alone at the stage of starting a business will not be enough.

You can offer standard options in the form of printing and distributing business cards with a phone number and workshop address, however, this technology is no longer as active as it was at least ten years ago. Either contextual advertising on the network is required, or an agreement with employees and owners of garages. The second option is more expedient because it makes it easier to get a ready-made client. Of course, you will have to pay for such recommendations. For example, 20% of the cost of the service provided, but at the initial stages it is required to develop a client base for oneself, which means that such costs will be adequate.

Of course, one should not forget that the quality of the work performed will become the main business card of the business. With a constant flow of customers, it will be possible to quickly work out the initial investment and start receiving a stable profit, part of which is advisable to invest in the expansion and provision of new services. The main thing is to remember that with active development and high-quality provision of services, it is from “small garages” that huge corporations grow.