Монтаж и демонтаж окрасочно — сушильной камеры


Installation of the painting and drying chamber in Kyiv is carried out in two ways:
1. Manual installation. Independently, after reading a manual.
2. Productive – call specialist installers.
If you need to install or remove painting chamber – Call:
+380(68) 272 87 60, +380(50) 216 87 80, +380(63) 411 13 18, +380 (63) 708 91 10
or write to the mail
In any method using a sequence of actions:
● analysis of products for coloring;
● disassembling the chamber kit;
● assembly and installation of painting chambers;
● the process of painting and drying the surface.
Before you start, check the chamber. An area with two-lane traffic is used (for cars to enter and exit), for example, 2-door or 3-door gates. Inside the paint equipment, it is necessary to install lighting lamps as sealed lamps. The lamps are located 45 degrees along the walls to ensure uniform light throughout the chamber. High-quality lighting is achieved by equipping the room for painting with the bottom row of lighting fixtures.
Effective conditions for painting work are created by installation, depending on the calculation of the volume of the room for the uniform distribution of the heated, cleaned air flow, with a directed downward movement.
To clean the air, special filters from the kit are used. After cleaning, the air flow ensures uniform drying of the painted surface, and the heating system with the help of internal blowing allows the coating to dry quickly. Blowing in the chamber is automatically supported by a temperature control and control system – it is specially configured on the control panel during the drying process.
Assembling painting chambers in Ukraine is carried out by installers in accordance with the following parameters and equipment:
● the thickness of the walls and ceiling of the chamber is not less than 5 cm .;
● wall panels are made with mineral wool, polystyrene and basalt;
● ventilation unit for heating and constant temperature maintenance;
● supply unit;
● exhaust unit;
● automatic transmission
The control unit operates under the control of a logical device – a microprocessor. It allows you to control the camera for painting in automatic mode, as well as maintain the temperature at a certain level. After finishing work on the control panel, the blowing and cooling mode after paintwork is established.
The chamber is installed on special bases, for example, a concrete platform or a specially made metal base. Installation and dismantling of the painting chambers in Weko Technical Service by specialists, at the request of customers, allows assembly and disassembly of the painting chambers when its moving and violations of the sealed chamber.
The cost of recovery operations, installation and dismantling are determined on the spot (during a personal inspection of the camera).