Инфракрасная покрасочная камера


Great consumption of energy used is a significant drawback of industrial devices for coloring products. The use of innovative heat exchangers can save up to 40% of electricity, and the installation of pellet or diesel burners makes the units non-volatile. The infrared spray booth created by our engineers in collaboration with Russian scientists is more efficient and economical when drying. The IR beam, passing through the layer of coatings, reaches the surface of the product and heats it. The heated material warms the paint applied to it. Thus, the drying process begins with the inner layers, and not with the outer ones (during convection, air drying). This approach allows the paint to spread better on the surface, acquiring an additional bright shine.

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The use of installations with infrared rays in drying equipment can significantly reduce the duration of the process. So, the metal begins to heat up a few minutes after turning on the installation. Saving time is achieved due to the fact that such installation does not have inertia, there is no intermediate heat carrier, energy is completely transferred to the painted product. An industrial spray booth equipped with an infrared installation has the following advantages:

● there is no need to warm the air, which means energy is saved;
● no preliminary heating of the drying chamber is needed, which helps to save time, energy, and increase productivity.

The specialists of Techservice WEKO can equip an already working complex with this device by placing the emitter at the beginning of the drying zone. It is advantageous to use such a device, if necessary, to paint only part (zone) of the product.


Chambers with infrared drying will be in demand in service stations and car services. During bodywork, craftsmen are faced with minor or medium size damage located at the rear, side, front of the machine. Engaging the energy of the entire drying complex is unprofitable. So, we need such a spray booth to buy an acceptable price that allows partial, spot drying. An IR emitter will increase the productivity of your enterprise, since drying a product (or part thereof) will take a few minutes. When wishing to purchase such equipment, it is very important to contact professionals who can correctly select and place emitters, as well as establish process control. It is important to comply with all conditions for drying a surface of any size and configuration.

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