Как выбрать подъемно-транспортное оборудование для яхт-клуба?

How to choose lifting and transport equipment for a yacht club?

Without lifting and handling equipment, it is impossible to resolve issues related to yachts moving and launching them. Modern mechanisms make it possible to simplify the technological process as much as possible, reduce labor costs, and save significant material resources.

The Tweko company is well known in the market and has proven itself well. The use of modern overall equipment allows for loading and unloading manipulations of any format.

What are modern lifting and transport mechanisms

When using modern technologies, containers and packaging do not deform during loading, remaining intact. Warehouse areas are efficiently used, which makes it possible to reduce the cost of production.

Lifting mechanisms of the Tweko company are used in all sectors of the national economy:

  1. Industry.
  2. Construction.

Such devices ensure the coordinated work of technological cycles, their continuity, accuracy and efficiency. Modern equipment with productive mechanisms allows you to automate production processes:

  1. Increase the safety of loading and unloading operations.
  2. Increase productivity.
  1. Optimize resource consumption.

The main criterion for choosing a technique, such as:

  1. Bridge cranes.
  2. Single-girder manual cranes.
  3. Suspended cranes.

and many others. Such products perform important functions, have unique operational characteristics and can perform complex tasks for unloading and loading large-sized items. Before starting work, a commercial agreement is drawn up, where technical conditions for the operation of lifting mechanisms are prescribed with the customer, devices are selected that best meet the principles:

  1. Versatility.
  2. Functional management.
  3. Control of all parameters.

Such units currently include lifting and transporting units, as well as special robots that allow you to implement the most complex tasks.

How to choose lifting and transport equipment for a yacht club?

Products of the company “Techservice VEKO”

Tweko specializes in the production and supply of the entire range of lifting and transport equipment, such as:

  1. Beam crane.
  2. Console equipment.
  3. Various types of cranes (gantry, bridge).

There are a large number of units that are produced by domestic and foreign enterprises. The products are successfully sold to many regions of Russia and neighboring countries. To get a closer look at the assortment, it is recommended to visit the portal, look through the electronic catalog. It is recommended to pay special attention to modern models:

  1. Tali (hand and electric).
  2. Bridge cranes.
  3. Beam crane.
  4. Double girder lifting blocks.
  5. Cantilever, gantry, portal cranes.

Without these devices, it is impossible to carry out loading and unloading operations according to the established regulations. Such operations ensure that the product is securely gripped and moved in the desired direction.


Suspended structures, they are used when it is required to lift various loads. There are two types of hoists:

  1. Manual.
  2. Electrical.

The former are distinguished by their high strength factor, they are compact and reliable. Hand hoists are used in a variety of operations:

  1. Renovation work;
  2. Construction installation

Electric hoists have a second name: hoists, they are widely used in a variety of jobs, for example, electric steel from Bulgaria is widely used in fire and explosion hazardous work. When loading / unloading yachts, their transportation, electric hoists are often used:

  • single-drum;
  • gear;
  • worm.

Thanks to this device, you can move any ships, boats, as well as cargo. The advantages of these units are their compactness and high performance. They also stand out for their high strength and reliability factors.


Overhead cranes include varnishes (span plan), trolleys. An overhead crane is the main “character” in many enterprises, and it is also used when transporting ships. These units have a huge number of modifications, in addition to shipyards, they can be found at construction sites, reinforced concrete enterprises, workshops of industrial enterprises.

Overhead cranes are differentiated:

  1. Single-girder.
  2. Double-girder.

The former, in turn, are divided into electric and manual. Any crane girder includes manual or electric hoists. Much depends on the tasks to be performed. The crane beams are made based on the parameters:

  1. Lifting capacity
  2. Span distance
  3. How high is the vessel to be lifted.

The cranes allow you to move any type of watercraft for a short period of time.

Girder crane

Crane-girders are made of lifting blocks, as well as spans and end beams. Both types of beams provide movement of the crane and the hoist block, it provides movement of the load. Cranes are differentiated into several types:

  • industrial;
  • explosion-proof;
  • refractory.

Crane beams are intensively used for a wide variety of work, including assembly, lifting and transport. They can function successfully in the temperature range -42 ° С to + 45 ° С.

Jib cranes

These fixtures are made up of several elements:

  1. Columns.
  2. Consoles.
  3. Hoisting block.

These lifting devices have different hoists (electrical, mechanical), they provide reliable fixation and movement of the load. There are also special mechanisms with a large overhang of the console. Non-standard cranes are made according to special drawings provided by the customer. Cranes of this type are differentiated:

  1. Column.
  2. Wall-mounted console.

Each of them has its own characteristics and is designed to perform the corresponding production operations.

Gantry cranes.

Such structures can most often be found in warehouses or construction sites, when various reinforced concrete blocks are assembled. Gantry cranes have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • simplicity;
  • are inexpensive;
  • productive;
  • reliable.

Gantry faces have various types of supports, electrical equipment, various spans, undercarriages. Also, such products cannot be imagined without blocks:

  1. Electric hoists.
  2. Cabins.
  3. Control panels.
  4. Cabins can be stationary or mobile.

Tweko represents the commercial interests of leading manufacturers in the field of lifting transport equipment. Contact the company, go to the website, call the hotline. All pressing questions will be answered by the specialist on duty. Employees of the company are ready to provide all-round support in matters of assembly, transportation, determination of technical parameters, cost price.

Reasonable cost of equipment, long warranties, a large number of spare parts, low prices – all this confirms that Tweko products are suitable for various jobs and have a universal character. There are long terms of guarantee. For regular customers, a flexible discount system has been developed for all products, including spare parts.