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Furniture spray booth

It is very important for numerous factories and furniture workshops to follow the design decisions...

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Painting camera for cars

From the hour of his winemaker, the car has become part of our everyday life....

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Projects implemented


Production of painting chamber or spray booth


Production of shot blasting chambers


Lifting device manufacturing


Additional equipment manufacturing

Paint shop production

Modern developments to increase the efficiency of the painting area are designed by our own design bureau and manufactured on modern equipment in our production workshops. TWEKO products are the optimal solution for the preparation, painting and drying of a wide variety of products. Particular attention is paid to the efficient use of energy in work processes. All main nodes are maximally compatible, synchronized, economical in operation. The safety of workers meets international standards and state rules for labor protection. Using TWEKO equipment, you are guaranteed:

  • Save energy resources of the painting site;
  • Create safe working conditions on the painting site;
  • Achieve ideal conditions for applying and drying paintwork.
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Manufacture of material handling devices

The Techservice WEKO company is justly proud of the successful experience in the development and production of specialized lifting and handling equipment. In addition to car lifts, we manufacture lifts for small and medium sea and river vessels (boats, boats, yachts), mobile lifting platforms for spray booth operators, transport trolleys, overhead conveyors. TWEKO product benefits:

  • Significantly increases the efficiency of the painting area - the lifting and moving platforms of workers allow you to quickly and safely handle large-sized products;
  • Overhead conveyors and rail trolleys quickly and conveniently move products between production sites or chambers for cleaning, painting, drying;
  • Yacht Lift significantly increases the life of each unit of water equipment. Prolonged contact with water leads to the darkening of the body, fouling with algae and other negative effects.
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Stages of creating a painting area

2 Development of work
technology and equipment
3 Production
basic units
4 Installation
and commissioning
Our clients

Hundreds of leading industrial enterprises in Ukraine and abroad choose Techservice VEKO. TWEKO products are in demand to increase the efficiency of the paint shop (painting products): applying and drying the paintwork on the surface, as well as cleaning surfaces from various contaminants.