Equipment factory for the painting area
«Techservice WEKO» (TWEKO)

Techservice WEKO (TWEKO) – it is a family company founded in 1992. From the moment of creation to the present, the company’s specialists have introduced hundreds of models of equipment for applying and drying various coatings (primers, varnishes, paints, heat-insulating coatings, etc.), as well as equipment for cleaning and preparing surfaces for painting.

The main objective of the company – creation of safe and comfortable working conditions for the most efficient implementation of preparatory and painting work.

TWEKO’s equipment – actively used by large high-performance industrial plants and private industrial companies.

  • Experience

    We have invaluable experience in implementing individual projects and implement complex technological solutions, with the help of commercial, design and production departments.

  • Reputation

    We have a high level of reputation among the leading Ukrainian and foreign industrial companies that actively use TWEKO products.

  • Individual development

    Specialists of the Tekhservice WEKO Painting Equipment Plant (TWEKO) , develop, manufacture and implement effective technological solutions - these are more than 300 painting and drying chambers and painting complexes, as well as dozens of abrasive blasting chambers.

Furniture spray booth

It is very important for numerous factories and furniture workshops to follow the design decisions...

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Painting camera for cars

From the hour of his winemaker, the car has become part of our everyday life....

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Production of painting
chaber or spray booth


Production of shot blasting chambers


Lifting device


Additional equipment manufacturing

Production of spraying complexes

The Techservice WEKO company has developed and produced dozens of models of spray booths, preparation stations, ventilation cabinets, and other equipment designed for painting a wide variety of products. Particular attention is paid to the efficient use of energy resources in work processes, making equipment as economical as possible. TWEKO spray booths are designed according to the requirements of EU protection standards while spraying. The use of modern technologies in production allowed our equipment:

  • Reduce energy consumption in the painting mode, which is the most energy intensive;
  • Achieve uniform heating of air masses through balanced and continuous recirculation;
  • Increase the drying speed of the paintwork.
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Production of hoisting gears

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1 Request and compilation
of technical specifications
2 Development of work
technology and equipment
3 Production
basic units
4 Installation
and commissioning
Our clients

Hundreds of leading industrial enterprises in Ukraine and abroad choose Techservice VEKO. TWEKO products are in demand to increase the efficiency of the paint shop (painting products): applying and drying the paintwork on the surface, as well as cleaning surfaces from various contaminants.