Теплообменник для покрасочной камеры


Thanks to the creation of a heating system and, accordingly, the maintenance of the necessary temperature in the working area of the painting chamber, it became possible to carry out paint work in any weather. And even in cold weather, the heat exchanger for the painting chamber will create a comfortable microclimate to speed up the drying process. Such innovation has become financially beneficial for entrepreneurs in the provision of painting services.

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The heating of air flows in the working chamber is carried out according to two schemes:

1. Classic, when hot air is forced into the room.
2. Mobile when infrared heaters are installed around the perimeter of surfaces.

As for the process of natural drying of paint and varnish coatings, recently specialists from standard auto repair shops have been trying to refuse it because this procedure is quite lengthy and commercially unprofitable. As a result, domestic masters prefer to buy a heat exchanger for painting chambers in Kyiv and significantly speed up the drying process of the coating.

The classical drying method is preferred at stationary service stations for bulk orders for painting parts of a large flow of machines. With high intensity of labor at the service station, the costs of the heating system of the painting chamber will easily pay off.

If there are not a lot of orders, it is better to purchase infrared heaters and use the mobile option for heating the air in the working environment. When you start your own business, this is a very reasonable decision, because IR heaters do not require solid capital investments, are mobile and economical. Masters use infrared lamps to dry all kinds of details after paintwork or puttying, and even in the winter in the garage, box, wherever the camera is located. If we take into account the drying quality of large-sized products, then the mobile version is inferior to the classical one, where a stream of hot air is forcedly supplied to the room.

Some masters when opening a workshop want to make a heat exchanger for the painting chamber with their own hands.

Air heat generators warm the room using electric energy or by burning various types of fuel. Such equipment differs in its power, the maximum is 1000 kW. This indicator is distributed as follows:
● 40% goes to the combustion chamber;
● the rest (50-55%) – for fans, heat exchangers. In Kyiv, you can buy an affordable heat exchanger for the painting chamber in Weko Technical Service with excellent performance.

By increasing the ventilation power, the pressure in the heating zone can reach 1 KPa. The temperature in the painting chamber due to the admixture of gases increases only by 3-5%. In such a system, it is necessary to constantly regulate the temperature regime.

1. Electric heaters are structurally made in the form of a set of heating elements, which simultaneously glow the air in the painting chamber. This heat generator is inexpensive and quite popular. Its disadvantages include sufficient consumption of electrical energy – up to 200 kW and the duration of heating the air flow.
2. The gas heat generator is recognized as an economical heating system for spray booths. But, along with many advantages, the recoupment of the costs of creating a project, installation, maintenance, approval of documents and permits will not come soon, but only with bulk orders for drying products.
3. A diesel heat generator is often used at stations at the very beginning of coating drying. This is a budget option for installing a heat generator, and fuel costs are included in the total cost estimate.

You can buy a heat exchanger for a painting chamber in Ukraine on favorable conditions on the Weko Technical Service website or call the consultants by contact phone.