Бизнес-план автосервиса по покраске авто в Украине

Business plan of a car service for painting a car in Ukraine

Over the past 30 years, a large class of car owners has emerged in the CIS countries. And Ukraine is no exception, due to which there is a steady need for various services related to servicing the personal transport of citizens. For example, in painting. If the owners of new cars do not ask for help, then the owners of cars that have been used or have been in an accident will certainly need such services. Accidents of various scales occur on the roads all the time.

Car painting is popular among those who want to make their car unique, unlike other cars. Color change is one of the tuning directions. Another aspect is that work production technologies have their own specifics, you need to have certain skills. Otherwise, time, effort, money and materials will be spent, the result will be negative. Therefore, people are forced to turn to professionals. So, there is every reason to call car painting a popular service among Ukrainian citizens. Our company can provide large-scale assistance in this matter. Which one, we will describe below.

Criteria for assessing business prospects

Before opening, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the number of such establishments in the area;
  • their capacity, reputation;
  • categories of consumers to which operating enterprises are oriented;
  • to identify the consumer sector, the representatives of which are planned to be made clients.

When planning to work with budget models, the service can periodically service cars of the elite class. If we talk about the uniqueness of the services provided, airbrushing can be cited as an example. For a business to flourish, you need to constantly look for new opportunities and niches, carefully monitor the aspirations of customers.

Room selection

The construction of a new building is a costly and time-consuming business, paperwork, despite the simplifications in the business regulation system. The best choice is to rent or buy a spacious production building already in operation. When it comes to a small service for painting a car, either a small garage or a properly equipped box will come in handy. At first it may seem sufficient to rent or purchase one space, but in the future, an expanding business may require an increase in space.

It is not bad to have a place in front of the room, where cars that have already been processed or are waiting for their turn will be located. The need for parking arises immediately. In addition, its presence can have a positive effect on the customer’s first impression of the workshop. Potential consumers of the service also assess the external state of the enterprise.

Business plan of a car service for painting a car in Ukraine

Additional room requirements

We must not forget about the state building codes. The car service building must be at a distance of at least 35 meters from residential premises and childcare facilities. If the premises are rented in a multi-storey building, then the premises should be separated not only by a wall, but also by insulating materials that protect residents from the penetration of vapors and odors.

In addition, the room itself, directly occupied for painting, must be finished with either a metal profiled sheet or clapboard in order to limit the ingress of harmful substances into the environment. The following should not be forgotten:

  • during the cold period, the room should be warm;
  • ventilation is required;
  • a safe lighting system is needed;
  • a bathroom and a shower are required;
  • availability of clothing and overalls and personal protective equipment and storage space.

If the owner of the service is also an employee, special clothing and protective equipment are still needed, they will have a positive effect on the image and give solidity.

Hiring workers

If the owner of the workshop is not a jack of all trades, he will have to hire for the full organization of the paint shop:

  • 1 auto-painter;
  • 1 straightener;
  • 1 disassembler.

Another employee, if this is not the responsibility of the workshop owner, should deal with the paperwork and processing of applications. Workers must have some kind of interchangeability or additional people must be hired. If at first you can get by with one auto-painter, then they prefer to hire two straighteners and two disassemblers. Employee costs include: payment of salaries and other benefits. You cannot set a salary that is below the subsistence level. However, in practice, good workers are not satisfied with the minimum wage for a long time.

Recommend hiring people with experience who, over time, can transfer their skills to other workers, which will come in handy when expanding a business or changing staff.

Supplier relationships

Car painting requires both materials and equipment. If materials are consumed, the equipment needs to be repaired and replaced from time to time, and this process is inevitable. It is better to find a permanent supplier, for example, use the services of the Tveco company. She supplies the entire range of equipment for paint shops and is engaged in their maintenance. The competence of our employees allows us to maintain and repair equipment from other manufacturers. We supply mobile and industrial complexes designed for different volumes of work, suitable both for small enterprises with several or even one employee, and for large companies.

Relations with clients are formalized within the framework of the agreement. All rights and obligations are carefully prescribed in the agreement, in particular, the warranty obligations on the part of “Tveko” are described in detail. The company also offers its own design solutions aimed at improving and speeding up the work. “Tveko” will provide full and uninterrupted work of the car painting shop.

Marketing policy

Banners and signs are actively used as advertising media. Branded overalls are considered to be a successful way to advertise services. The distinctive mark is much easier to remember than the name of the company and the location, which can change. Even a small business or individual entrepreneur is able to allocate a small amount for Internet advertising. Another way to make your business known is to advertise:

  • in newspapers;
  • in electronic media;
  • on ad sites.

It is worth highlighting business cards: their colorful design is inexpensive, but you can give a business card to a satisfied customer, leave it in a cafe, restaurant, other institution, or give it to a potential client.

Financial aspects

It is difficult to talk about a specific amount of costs, its size is influenced by local prices, the level of payback is influenced by the level of the population’s ability to pay. The calculation scheme includes spending on the following:

  • business registration fee;
  • calculation of taxes and ERUs;
  • accountant services;
  • purchase or rent and refurbishment of premises;
  • equipment;
  • expendable materials;
  • labor of employees;
  • water supply and electricity.

The payback rate depends on the number of clients and the workload of the enterprise. The costs of having your own garage and the absence of employees are much lower, but the volume of services that one person is able to provide is also reduced.