Бизнес на покраске автомобилей в Украине

Business on car painting

Over the past decades, cars in Ukraine have turned from a luxury item into a necessity. Accordingly, you need to keep them in good condition.

In particular, attention must be paid to the condition of the paint. The work should be carried out on high-quality equipment, high-quality means. As you know, the quality of painting directly affects the duration of vehicle operation.

Why the service is in demand by consumers

Gradually, people begin to come to the understanding that it is better to entrust the performance of this or that work to a specialist. There are several reasons for this:

  • the color of the surface must exactly match the documents for the car;
  • a non-professional will not avoid smudges, swollen and burst paint;
  • saving time and money.

The specialist will even be able to solve the problem with the selection of paints and their combinations. Therefore, it is easier for the car owner to contact the service.

The need to paint a car arises for several reasons:

  • tuning work;
  • elimination of the consequences of accidents;
  • rust has developed on the outside of the parts.

The need for a service arises equally among the owners of expensive cars and the owners of budget models. No one is insured from visiting a paint service, as if he did not protect his car.

The prospect of a business idea from the point of view of entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur should pay attention to the idea of ​​opening a car painting company for several reasons:

  • constant demand due to the poor quality of roads and a large number of sloppy drivers;
  • minimum advertising costs (the Internet significantly helps to save on the advertising budget);
  • fast payback;
  • minimum costs for premises and equipment;
  • organizational procedures take a minimum of time;
  • minimum requirements from supervisory and control authorities.

Choosing the right location

The first factor of success is the quality of work. The second factor, no less important, is the choice of location. There are several options that are considered beneficial to locate the service at:

  • main roads and highways;
  • gas stations;
  • garage complexes and parking lots;
  • car services (simultaneous cooperation of several specialists or directions in business is possible).

Thousands of cars constantly pass by these places. Some of the drivers attracted by the proximity of the service will definitely stop and use the service.

Business registration with government authorities

In Ukraine, doing business is assumed in different organizational and legal forms. Novice businessmen choose between LLC and sole proprietorship. In the first case, an enterprise is opened, in the second, an individual is registered as an entrepreneur. The difference in financial statements and the amount and procedure of tax and other obligatory payments to the budget. An LLC needs to pay the director’s salary and hire an accountant (not necessarily as an employee, you can outsource it) to keep records. Corporate income tax is charged. Opening a bank account is mandatory.

The sole proprietor pays income tax and fixed contributions. Amounts must be paid regardless of income. If there is no relationship with other businesses, then there is no need to open a bank account.

Regardless of the choice of the form of business organization, it is possible to use simplified forms of taxation. Practice shows that, despite the abundance of paperwork during the creation and operation, an LLC requires less money if the plans include independent work. When hiring workers, it is preferable to use register with an individual entrepreneur.

Organization of the workplace

The main working tool is the spray booth, in which everything happens. Human participation is minimal, his duties include only setting up the equipment and monitoring the process. A spray booth is easy to make from a regular garage. The walls are sheathed with metal sheet or clapboard. Lighting is indispensable, so it is better to choose fluorescent lamps. A heat gun and an air duct are installed on top. The place where the car will be located is raised. A fan is installed at the bottom, which also draws air. Energy savings are possible with a generator and infrared lamps.

The garage must meet the SES standards, in particular, the minimum area for placing a car (25 sq. M.), Distance from residential buildings (at least 100 meters). The exception is a room built into a residential building, but then the walls must be finished with materials that are resistant to high temperatures and fumes, which from the harmful effects of the residential part of the house, including in the event of a fire. The room must meet the requirements of state building codes for sewerage and air disposal. A shower room and a locker for personal belongings are required. The employee is provided with personal protective equipment.

List of equipment and materials

The list of equipment includes the following:

  • a chamber for painting and drying;
  • paint sprayers;
  • grinding tools;
  • dust removal equipment;
  • painting hydrant;
  • mounting racks;
  • a compressor and a filter to remove moisture from the air;
  • mix system for the selection of paints.

The camera is selected according to several main parameters:

  • size and insulation;
  • lighting;
  • pumping and pulling properties.

Pistols are selected for painting. Now the market presents products of a lot of paint manufacturers and there are no difficulties with the choice.

Business on car painting

What is the painting process

The work is carried out in several stages:

  • spray paint;
  • purging the ink chamber;
  • drying the surface.

Before spraying paint, the air in the chamber is filtered from dust, then returned through the fans already in a purified form. Then paint is applied or sprayed. During the purging process, the spray booth is cleaned of paint residues and spray vapors. During the third stage, the air in the chamber is heated to about 60 ° and maintained in this mode until the end of the procedure.

Advantages of contacting the company “Tveko”

Our company offers its customers the best equipment that will ensure quality work. Positive results are the key to success not only for our customers, but also for ourselves. In addition to the equipment, services are also offered for its installation, repair and maintenance. Our employees are ready to take on the repair and maintenance of equipment supplied by other manufacturers. At the same time, it is not necessary to completely change the equipment due to a change in the service organization. In particular, the company is ready to completely modify the spray booth in accordance with the latest developments.

The business owner does not have to spend time and effort on solving technical issues. It is enough to make a phone call, and the company’s specialists will come to the call. Replacement and repairs are done as soon as possible. Customer relations are governed by the concluded agreement. It prescribes the rights and obligations, and the warranty obligations that the company assumes.