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Painting airline planes in Ukraine is a rather complicated process. In this case, large-sized equipment for painting is used, which allows you to observe a certain temperature, exchange of air flows, the degree of humidity and purity of air, while the surface is painted and dried. With the help of such equipment, it is possible to paint large products and components of the aircraft. Due to the ability to function in different temperature conditions, the equipment can significantly minimize the expenses of the enterprise for electricity.
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Painting airplanes and helicopters in the Weko Technical Service are carried out using cameras and painting complexes. For more than 20 years, this company has been designing and manufacturing equipment for painting aircraft, taking into account all technological factors in the aviation structure. In the manufacture of spray booths and drying chambers, the zoning of the paint zone is primarily carried out. Then are adjusted ventilation and heat generators with air heaters functions.
The heat generators step by step must switch the temperature regimes and deliver the air flow specifically to the area of painting, and not over the entire area of the chamber. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to construct cameras with minimal expenditure of energy, provided only for working areas. Usually, paint booths of small dimensions provide for the distribution of heat throughout the area, and this is fraught with too high energy costs. Here, the air is supplied only to the working surface.
If necessary, you can adjust the air flow so that it goes over the entire area of the chamber, or you can direct the air exclusively to the area of painting. So that the painter can paint any area of the plane with high quality, he gets to it on a special painting bridge or a suspended elevator. It should be said that before painting parts of aircraft and helicopters, it is required to clean them in a shot blasting chamber. In the Weko Company, you can buy spray booths for airplanes and helicopters of civil and military aviation, as well as individual parts of aircraft. If you want to find the answer to the question of how to paint a plane in Ukraine, contact the Weko Company by phone or through the feedback form.